Saturday, February 13, 2010


We had snow yesterday! Twice in one year! Only this time the snow was so much better than before!

The kids went out and spent quite some time playing in it yesterday. Sam lasted about an hour. Which was pretty good. Here he is trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

Josh I had to call in just before dinner time. He had a great time playing out there and even managed a "mini snowman" all by himself.

I think the official snow fall total was 4" -- not sure if we got that here, but it was more than a "dusting" -- our plants were covered! It was all so pretty!

This morning the boys were so excited to go out and play. Unfortunately, the snow was VERY powdery this morning and not much good for packing. Josh was a wee bit upset.

But, once breakfast was over and the sun came out, the snow became a bit more "packable" and we could make a snowman!
He had to be sitting down because it was still a bit too powdery. And when I say "WE" could make a snowman, what I really meant to say was "Rich" could make it!

The boys did make snow Angels...

And then they did manage to have a bit of a snowball fight!

Rich and I came inside to get warm and dry. The boys are still outside. It is quite nice at the moment because the sun is shining and it's just at freezing so it's not too cold.

The weather forecast for the week looks interesting -- snow one day, 40 degrees the next, then snow again... we'll have to see how that works out!

But for now, the boys are having fun playing in the white stuff!
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