Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Things They Say

I haven't done any kidisms in a while.

And the boys have not stopped talking (and talking and talking and talking). They do come up with some good ones from time to time. It's hard to catch them all or remember them, so I do like to blog them here, just so I don't forget about them.

Here are some of the "latest" kidisms in our house.

Sam was not eating his lunch. He had 1/2 a tuna sandwich on his plate and it was cut into 2 pieces. He'd only eaten one bite out of each triangle.

Me: Sam, eat your lunch. (I should just record this because I have to say it EVERY meal time... "Eat your breakfast," "Eat your lunch," "Eat your dinner.")

Sam: It's all gone... look, only crust.

Me: No Sam, there's still lots of food there... here, let me help you. (I pick up one sandwich and break it in half so he can eat it easier without, heaven forbid, eating any crust).

Sam -- starts to cry: MOM! Now I have more!!! Don't do that!!!

Me: What?

Sam: Look, (counts his sandwich pieces)... 1, 2, 3! Now I have THREE not TWO!!!!


Josh recently got a Golden Retriever Webkinz and he really loves it. We were at the park one day and a lady, walking a "real live Golden Retriever" stopped and the boys were petting him.

Josh (after telling the lady about his Webkinz) : This is the first Real Live Golden Retriever I've ever seen!

Lady: Really? Are you sure?

Josh: Well, I am seven so I've had a lot of time to forget stuff.


Then this morning....

Sam: Mom, say something funny.

Me: Why?

Sam: Because I want to tell you something from Franklin. Just say something.

Me: Okay. Tomorrow is Halloween.

Sam: You can say that again!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheering for the Team

We had another fun, yet busy weekend.

I'm beginning to think, as the kid get older, weekends will get more and more hectic!

A couple Friday's ago, Sam started gymnastics at our local parks and rec. Let me tell you -- he LOVES it! And talks about going back all week. The only disappointing thing is it's only 1/2 hour -- the kids could go 45 minutes to an hour and still be okay.

One of the girls from his class is in their with him, as are several other friends we know from around the neighborhood. He's not the only boy either, which is good for him.

Sam at Gymnastics

But he loves it so I think we may continue with this for as long as we can. I'm not sure how long he'll be able to continue it, but gymnastics was not on "the list" of restricted activities from his nephrologist. So we'll see.

Josh's baseball season is coming to an end. Next week is his last game! He's done so well this year. Last weekend the coach on the opposing team called him out as a "big hitter!" He was so excited. We've been going to the playground in the evenings after dinner. He and Rich play catch to practice Josh's catching and throwing. It's just amazing what a difference a year makes!

Sunday was the important Liverpool v. Chelsea match up. The boys were all excited... both teams were undefeated and Chelsea hadn't lost at home in over 4 years... And they hadn't lost in the league since last December. But, records are made to be broken so we were all excited and gearing up for the match!

Getting Ready for the Game

Josh's Liverpool shirt has "16 Pennant" on the back but he wanted "9 Torres." Sam had no number so we made signs and pinned them on their backs.

Getting Ready for the Game

We invited Josh's baseball coach over to watch too. He is from Ireland and a Liverpool supporter as well. He's got 4 boys (triplets in 1st grade and another Sam's age) and all but one are Liverpool supporters... the other is a Chelsea fan. It was lots of fun for all the boys. I think Rich really loved watching and talking football with someone. And another Liverpool fan as well just made it all the more fun.

Josh and Sam had a great time playing with the kids too. They're all so cute. I tried to get a picture of them all but the camera was acting up.

Anyway, the result of the game....

Liverpool scored in the first 10 minutes (ish) of the game and set the speed. They had several good chances to add to the score but never managed another goal. Thankfully, Chelsea didn't capitalize on any chances either so the final score...

Liverpool 1-Chelsea 0 final score

And we are top of the table and all happy in the house...

go Liverpool!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Conversations that make you wonder...

I was at the grocery store this week and this is an actual conversation I had with the check out clerk... Now, to be fair, it was SuperTarget, not my usual grocery store. But still.

She's scanning my produce, stops, looks at something and asks, "What is this?"

Me, slightly confused...: "A potato."

Clerk: "Do you know what kind?"

Me: "Idaho? Baking?"

Clerk, now looking at her list of look up codes: "Oh, Idaho..."

She continues with my order...

Pretty soon she stops, inspects a bag of produce and asks, "And what do you call these?"

Me: "Green beans."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Puppies Together

Sam & Annie

Sam with my parents' new puppy Annie. It was so cute to see them play together. We don't have pets so the whole puppy thing was new for Sam. And she's such a cute puppy!

More Wordless Wednesday here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home Again

I'm back home!

My mom had back surgery one week ago today. She had several misaligned discs and some spurs and all sorts of pain. She was in the hospital for several days.

So Sam and I went up on Saturday (the day she got out) to help my dad and her get settled in.

She's got a long road to recovery ahead of her. She's pretty much bed-ridden until Thanksgiving. Then she has a doctor's appointment and they tell her how what her next restrictions are.

Right now she can only sit for 30 minutes. Then she has to either walk or lay down for 1 1/2 hours. She's not allowed to bend, lift, twist, push or pull. She's also not allowed to do any cooking or cleaning for 6 months (at least). Her the most she can lift is 5 lbs. That's about 1/2 a gallon of milk.... and to be honest she can't do that right now.

So, Sam and I went up to help my dad get her settled when she got home. She can't sit in a car except to go to the doctors office so we needed someone with her at all times. I think as she heals and the more used to this new set of restrictions piles on, my dad will leave her for longer bits of time. So he can go to the grocery store and stuff.

Anyway, Sam and I just got home. While we were gone, Rich and Josh stayed home and had some father/son bonding time.

I think they both really enjoyed it, but I know Josh missed me. He called me at least 3 times a day!

Anyway, now we're home, hopefully I'll be able to update a bit more often!

And prayers and well wishes for my mom's speedy recovery are greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Last week Josh had a concert with the 2nd grade chorus. They sang for the PTSA.

Here's a bit of video of them singing...

They did really well. Very cute!

I've had a terrible cough this week, so my posting has been less than consistent. Hopefully, now that I have some antibiotics for my sinus infection, I'll start to feel better and have a bit more time!

Until then, enjoy the video of Josh!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rain Won't Ruin Our Fun!

Yesterday I chaperoned Josh's class trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds.

We've been enjoying some beautiful weather here lately. Sunny, mild, not too hot. It's been beautiful.

So, of course, it rained yesterday. It rained a lot! But we still had fun.

Etowah Indian MoundsThe Etowah Indian Mounds is the most intact Mississippian Culture site in the Southeastern United States. It was home to several thousand Native Americans between 1000 AD and 1550 AD. The mounds are where the chief's lived -- elevated above the villagers and common areas.

One thing Josh thought was interesting was how each chief had to be up higher than the chief before him... so the mounds kept growing and growing.

Here we are on our way out to the mounds --

Walking out to the mounds

There are three that are clearly visible. The largest, Mound A, is where the chief lived, Mound B is where the second in command -- I guess we can say "vice-chief" since we're so close to an election -- and then Mound C which is the burial mound and where many of the artifacts in the museum were excavated.

We climbed to the top of Mound A and had a nice view...

View from Top: Etowah Indian Mounds

The kids counted 124 steps (I think) on the way down.

Going Down

We even got to go inside the "Wattle and Daub" hut they are re-constructing.

Mud Hut

The website has lots of great pictures of volunteers rebuilding the hut. They expect it to be fully finished in the next few weeks.

The Wattle Roof and Daubed wall

We were quite lucky -- the second graders were split into two groups. One went to the mounds first and the other did the inside museum first, then they switched. We were lucky -- we got inside first when the rain was heaviest.

It was really interesting -- lots of cool artifacts, a dugout canoe, one ranger talked about the weapons they used (Josh liked this best) and how they progressively got better and better.

It's a shame it was wet and rainy because we really only got to go up Mound A and back down again. There is much more to the site -- you can walk trails up to the river and back to see where they fished, there is a large open field where they lived and also where they had their ceremonies and sports events. It was really cool!

And then when we got home, it really started to downpour!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mixin' It Up, Tryin' New Things.

We've been in a rut. Food wise.

Like most people, we try to eat relatively healthily (is that a word?), and I have a few dinners that are family favorites. But we do tend to have them day after day, week after week.

But the other week Josh told me he was tired of "Salmon on Monday, Turkey on Tuesday... blah, blah, blah..." He asked me to mix it up a bit. But, since it was the end of the month, my grocery budget was down to the bare-bones.

Fortunately, my new issue of "Clean Eating Magazine" came with all sorts of yummy looking, healthy recipes. And, there was an article about feeding a family of four for a week for under $50. It was "dinners only" but still... an improvement! While they all looked good to me, there were only a few that I thought my family would actually eat. Also in the magazine is an article on "Kid Friendly Fare." So I chose a few new recipes to try out this week and see how the family liked them.

On Monday, I tried out the Sesame-Ginger Chicken with Brown Rice. I thought it was good. The boys on the other hand... not so much! There was a lot of garlic in it -- I cut back on what was asked, but still maybe just a wee bit too spicy for the kids.

Then on Wednesday, I made something I'd never made before. Ravioli. The recipe was from the "Kid Friendly" section -- "Quick White Bean & Spinach Ravioli." I wasn't hopeful from other attempts to bring some variety into our diet.

You mix spinach, white beans, low fat ricotta cheese and a tiny bit of low fat mozzarella in the food processor.
Spinach & White Bean Ravioli

Use wonton wrappers to make the ravioli...

Spinach & White Bean Ravioli

Cook and then serve with your favorite tomato sauce...

Spinach & White Bean Ravioli

The verdict?

The boys loved them! Josh even asked today if he could have them again.

The lesson: Sometimes it pays to take a chance and sometimes it doesn't. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!
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