Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheering for the Team

We had another fun, yet busy weekend.

I'm beginning to think, as the kid get older, weekends will get more and more hectic!

A couple Friday's ago, Sam started gymnastics at our local parks and rec. Let me tell you -- he LOVES it! And talks about going back all week. The only disappointing thing is it's only 1/2 hour -- the kids could go 45 minutes to an hour and still be okay.

One of the girls from his class is in their with him, as are several other friends we know from around the neighborhood. He's not the only boy either, which is good for him.

Sam at Gymnastics

But he loves it so I think we may continue with this for as long as we can. I'm not sure how long he'll be able to continue it, but gymnastics was not on "the list" of restricted activities from his nephrologist. So we'll see.

Josh's baseball season is coming to an end. Next week is his last game! He's done so well this year. Last weekend the coach on the opposing team called him out as a "big hitter!" He was so excited. We've been going to the playground in the evenings after dinner. He and Rich play catch to practice Josh's catching and throwing. It's just amazing what a difference a year makes!

Sunday was the important Liverpool v. Chelsea match up. The boys were all excited... both teams were undefeated and Chelsea hadn't lost at home in over 4 years... And they hadn't lost in the league since last December. But, records are made to be broken so we were all excited and gearing up for the match!

Getting Ready for the Game

Josh's Liverpool shirt has "16 Pennant" on the back but he wanted "9 Torres." Sam had no number so we made signs and pinned them on their backs.

Getting Ready for the Game

We invited Josh's baseball coach over to watch too. He is from Ireland and a Liverpool supporter as well. He's got 4 boys (triplets in 1st grade and another Sam's age) and all but one are Liverpool supporters... the other is a Chelsea fan. It was lots of fun for all the boys. I think Rich really loved watching and talking football with someone. And another Liverpool fan as well just made it all the more fun.

Josh and Sam had a great time playing with the kids too. They're all so cute. I tried to get a picture of them all but the camera was acting up.

Anyway, the result of the game....

Liverpool scored in the first 10 minutes (ish) of the game and set the speed. They had several good chances to add to the score but never managed another goal. Thankfully, Chelsea didn't capitalize on any chances either so the final score...

Liverpool 1-Chelsea 0 final score

And we are top of the table and all happy in the house...

go Liverpool!


  1. Hopefully Sam will be able to continue with gymnastics for a long time. My Aunt Dixie was 80 before the doctors discovered she only had 1 kidney (during a hip x-ray). At first they thought she had her other one removed in surgery, only to find out she never had surgery, that she must have been born that way.

    I am sure that Josh has heard "Practice makes perfect" and he must feel great to know all of his hard work is starting to show.

  2. Go Liverpool! Go Big Hitter! Go Gynast-Sam!

  3. How wonderful for both the boys to absolutely love their activities. And being called the "big hitter" is awesome.

  4. My kids loved gymnastics! And oh yeah, as they get older, you will barely have any time to yourself! (check out my blog, you have an award waiting)!


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