Friday, September 28, 2007

Water Conservation

We're in an "exceptional drought" situation here and we have pretty strict water restrictions.

And it doesn't look like there's any end in sight.

I heard on the news this morning that they are anticipating multi-year drought and no recovery over the winter. So this drought could last a while.

Here at Casa J, we're doing our part to conserve water.

Kids' shared baths this week have been "optional."

I have decided that "every-other-day" showers are okay.

At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Al Rescate

Yesterday morning on the way back home from the bus stop Sam said to me, "Mommy! I hear something! It sounds like a Birdy in trouble!"

Me: "Should we call Diego?" Don't you love that Wikipedia has a "Go Diego, Go" page! I love Wikipedia!

Sam: "Yes, we need Diego to rescue the birdy! But don't call Alicia. We don't need her." Alicia is Diego's older sister for those that aren't "in the know" (Mom and Dad).

Me: "Why not?"

Sam: "She's in the shower."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burnin' Love

My parents met the summer of 1963 over the 4th of July weekend... The year the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club burned down.

They met on a blind date.

My dad had just graduated from West Point and had gone home to Holland for a few weeks for the summer. He was looking for someone over 21 so they could "get a drink."

My mom was on her summer break from college (in Pittsburgh). She worked for a family as a summer Nanny/Babysitter and they were spending the summer on the shores of Lake Michigan at the family cottage.

My uncle, who was dating his future wife at the time, introduced them.

My dad said when he saw my mom for the first time that she was glowing. He always says he thought to himself, "This must be what my Dad felt like the first time he saw my Mom." I guess it was love at first sight for him!

My mom said she agreed to date my dad because he drove a Corvette. Smart woman!

Today they are celebrating their 43rd Wedding Anniversary.

I was going to post a picture of them on their wedding day, but I don't have one. But believe me, they were (and still are) a beautiful couple!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Cool Moms Rule Give Away Week

Cool Moms Rule is having a whole week of give aways. They are going to launch their "Book Review" section next week. So in order to celebrate, they're giving stuff away! Or a chance to
win stuff anyway.

Today, they are having a contest for the Sportbrain iStep X1 Pedometer. And since this is something that sounds cool to me, I am entering my name.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog and then post about it with a link back in your blog.

On Monday, she had a Barbie and yesterday it was Gloves in a Bottle. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Block

I'm not really sure what to write about today. It's been rather uneventful here today -- thankfully!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a picture of my son.
Yes, I know. I'm not looking forward to the orthodontist bills either.

And since we got the new floors, he's been either asking for the old white ones back or telling me how beautiful they are.

I don't know why, but neither of the boys deals with "change" very well. Josh keeps asking "what else are we going to change?!" We moved the PC out of the Dining Room and into a nook in the kitchen. It seems to work but Josh just can't seem to get his head around the fact that we got a new TV, rearranged the living room, brought the "downstairs toys" up to the toy room, got new floors and now we've moved his PC!

As an adult, I think these are pretty minor changes. As a 6 and 2 year old, it seems weird that they are HUGE!

And for those of you interested.... Sam has been asking for this (perhaps not) and this (hint, hint Grandmother and Grampa) for his birthday or Christmas. Along with everything else he sees, but these two EVERY TIME.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Check Out The Sandbox

Look -- I wrote an article for the Sandbox at Maya's Mom!

Go read it and "Sound Off" about it!

I'm anxious to hear every one's thoughts!

Baseball, Hotdogs, S'mores and Picnics

Saturday Josh had his first ever baseball game!

Before the game in his new uniform

He's on the Marlin's this year. He did really well! He was up to bat twice and got two hits.

2nd At Bat

He scored once (he ran all the way from 2nd base to score) and he was forced out at home once.

Coming in to score

He takes after his mother in the fielding department!


Actually, it's very hard when there are so many kids on the field to actually get a "turn" fielding. The ball came straight to him twice -- once it caught a bad hop and went between his legs, the other time he was looking toward the outfield and the ball rolled right on by him!

In the field

Sam liked watching Josh play too -- or rather, he liked playing in the dirt!

Sam digging in the dirt

That evening, we had a family BBQ and lit up the Chimnea again. This time, we made S'mores! Josh was a pro at feeding pine cones into the fire!

MMMM S'mores!

On Sunday we went back to the State Park up near our house and had a family picnic. It was a very hectic week for us here with getting the new floor, and all sorts of errands associated with it, Sam's ophthalmologist appointment, play dates an such. It was nice to get out and go "exploring" with just us.

The boys

After we took our walk, we had a picnic and the boys played on the playground. We left when Josh announced he'd had "too much fresh air" and was getting a tummy

Perhaps he was right... he's home from school today with a 101F temp!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cake Walk King

The PTSA at Josh's school had their annual family picnic and movie night tonight.

Josh and I went for a while -- Daddy and Sam stayed home because Sam's given up his naps and the picnic didn't start until Sam's bedtime.

With each PTSA membership, we were given a few "freebies." Among them two chances on the cake walk.

Guess who won on both his goes...

Cake Walk King

The first time he chose "Chewy M & M Brownies" and the second time he chose Publix Carrot Cake.

Next time, he gets to choose our lottery numbers!

Dolce Mahogany Goodness

When we moved into our house a little over five years ago we knew it needed a lot of help in the redecorating department.

The walls were pink in most of the house. The living room/kitchen area had the most awful floral wallpaper that made me dizzy when I looked at it on the TOP half of the wall. The bottom half was a dark blue color -- that wasn't too bad when you considered the rest of the house. There was a boarder between the wallpaper and the paint that was just horrid and ran the entire way around the ground floor. The master bathroom had another floral wallpaper that just gave me a headache! And it reflected off the mirrors which made it much worse!

It didn't take us long to get rid of those decorating nightmares!

But one thing that has lasted is the awful white vinyl flooring! The white flooring is horrible. I can NOT keep it clean. I mop and it stays dirty. The seams are coming apart, it is buckling arund the edges and it's ugly. I hate it! It's just so expensive to have replaced, we just haven't been able to aford it.

Until yesterday, that is....

Yesterday we had new Pergo floors installed in our kitchen and foyer. Insert big smiling face, happy dancing me here!

Behold the transformation......

From living room toward kitchen...





From kitchen toward living room...





Foyer toward door...





Foyer from front door toward kitchen...





Now, I wonder how long I should wait until I request new countertops and carpets?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Classical Music and Mickey Mouse at T45

Elizabeth over at Table for Five is having a give-away week.

She's got two DVD's that I would love to have for the kids up for grabs.

One is Little Einstein's Firebirds' Rescue. My oldest son, Josh LOVES the Little Einstein's. So much so infact, my "kids music" is my copy of "Classical Music for People that Hate Classical Music" CD. Not bad, eh? In fact, they love the "Fantasia" movies. Both the original and Fantasia 2000.

The other DVD she has going is Micky Mouse Club House, "Mickey's Treat." Both the boys like Mickey Mouse Club House. I'd love to have that DVD as well.

So head on over to Table for Five to enter her contest. You just have to leave her a comment, add her to your faves or blog roll and write a journal entry. Each one, gives you one chance to win.

I hope it's me!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Boobs Are Out...

The "momosphere" is all a-buzz with breastfeeding issues.

I first read Sara's excellent post over at Suburban Oblivion in response to Bill Maher's comments that likened Breastfeeding to Masterbation. Excellent post and gives good reason to say away from Bill Maher (if you need one).

Then, Izzy's Mom put me on to the fact that Facebook is banning breastfeeding pictures, yet allows blatantly pornographic pictures to be posted and has groups that support eating disorders -- I'm talking about "pro-anorexia" groups.

Both of them are well worth the read, as are all the other journals that link to them, so go have a read of them when you've got the time.

I don't really consider myself a "lactavitst," but when I was breastfeeding my kids, I just did it. I'm sure all of the people in my town have seen my breasts. For one thing, when my child was hungry and needed to be fed, he needed to be fed NOW. For another thing, not everyone has "breast feeding rooms" available. So when I was at Costco, I found a chair and whipped out the boob.

I didn't always feel this way. When we lived in Australia, we had some very good friends (well we still are friends, we just don't talk so much anymore) that had a little girl. Leanne was breastfeeding and, at first, it did make me a bit uncomfortable when she would breastfeed in front of me. There. I said it. I used to be uncomfortable with breastfeeding BEFORE I had kids.

I remember one day Leann and I were talking and I was asking her about breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public and she said to me, "I don't care. If it makes someone uncomfortable, that's their issue, not mine. I just don't care, I'm going to breastfeed no matter if if makes them uncomfortable or not."

Those words changed my attitude. She was exactly right. I was uncomfortable around breastfeeding because I'd never been exposed to it. The more I was exposed, the less uncomfortable I was. In Australia and Europe, it's not uncommon to see mother's breastfeeding in public. It's accepted, it's common and it's encouraged.

Like I said, when I was breastfeeding Sam, Leann's words stayed with me. Most times, when he needed to be fed, I would feed him where ever I was. There were times when I went someplace private, for various reasons, but I decided that breastfeeding was best for my child and that is what I was going to do. And when he was hungry, I fed him.

Anyway, Kristen at Motherhood Unsensored has put out a call to "deactivate" your Facebook account, so that's what I've done. No more Facebook and their annoying emails and applications for me!

Lastly, go check out this awesome post at Mojo of a Moma. It's an excellent post that truly points out the contradiction we have in our society -- it's okay for advertisers to objectify women to sell their product, but not okay for mothers to feed their children in public.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green... But We're Giving it a Go....

When we lived in England, instead of using shopping bags, we had these "green crates." I never knew what to do with all those bags after I was done. I hated throwing them away, but there were always so many of them!

About a two weeks ago, I noticed Publix, my local grocery store, started selling re-usable Green Bags. I immediately snapped up four and I'm glad I did. I don't have to worry about throwing away all the plastic bags or the whole "petroleum-dependency" issue with them AND they make carrying in the groceries a snap -- one, maybe two trips (depending on how heavy the bags are) is about all I need to carry the groceries in. I love them!

And now, Amy over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess is having a re-usable bag give away. has offered her two of their best selling reusable bags for a give away.

Aren't they cute? I really like them and would love to win them!
All you have to do to enter the contest is write a blog entry, sign her Mr. Linky and leave a comment on her blog by Tuesday September 26th.
So, head on over to the Crunchy Domestic Goddess for a read and enter her contest (or don't because I want to win...)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Round up

The weather here has finally cooled off enough for us to turn off the air conditioning -- Hooray electricity bill! This means we can do more and more outdoors.

Saturday, we walked down to our neighborhood playground so Josh could practice baseball. He had his first team practice on Sunday (more on that later), so he wanted to go "practice fielding."


Of course Sam had fun too!


Saturday evening, after the kids were in bed and after dinner, Rich and I stoked up the new Chimnea we bought earlier this summer and have been waiting for the day to use it.

Stokin' up the fire!

Gotta love auto timer for self portraits!

Auto Timers are great!

Sunday we did a bit of yard work -- we had a dead tree in the back yard -- just right for chimnea fuel!


Sam's turn!

Sam's turn

Josh had his baseball practice in the afternoon.

At bat

He did really well -- considering most of the team is a head taller than him and all have played either t-ball or baseball before and this was his first time. He got a bit upset after his second at bat. He hit the ball and it fell right in front of home plate -- what would have been an excellent bundt! He didn't know if he was supposed to run or not, then when he started running to first base, the first baseman was on his way to tag him, so Josh started running back to homeplate and he was tagged out. He was upset because he didn't know what he was supposed to do.

I felt really bad for him. He was really upset and said how hard baseball was and that he didn't want to play anymore. It was really heartbreaking! But, when I caved and said we'd go home, he didn't want to. He got his glove and hat and went back out on the field and did great!


It's really hard for him because he wants to be good at everything and he wants to be good right away -- and he is. But he still needs to practice. I was really happy when on the way home from practice he asked if he and Daddy could go down to the diamond one day and practice there. Deep down he knows he needs to practice, but it's so disappointing for him when he's not "the best" right away! But, since he is so much like his father, there is no doubt in my mind that he will want to keep trying and trying and end up a good player!

You can find more weekend pictures here.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Meal

More conversations with Sam....

Me: Sam, it's time to get into your pajamas....

Sam: No, I want to sleep naked, like Donald.

Me: Naked? Like Donald? Who's Donald?

Sam: Like the toys from McDonald's!


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights we feed the kids at our "normal" family dinner time of 5:00 and then Rich and I eat later when the kids are in bed.

This works out well for our family. Rich and I eat foods the kids wouldn't normally eat -- spicy foods like Veggie Curry and Fajitas. Plus it's like a "date" only we don't have to leave the house, hire a babysitter, plus, we can BOTH enjoy a glass (or two) of wine and not have to worry about driving home.

On these nights the kids also get a "treat" meal -- something Rich and I don't eat or something special for them. It's always an "easy" meal: chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, etc...

Well, apparently, I'm falling down as a parent.

Today Josh wanted Spaghetti-O's & Meatballs and Sam wanted Mac & Cheese.

Now bear in mind they ASKED for this meal.

I served it and wouldn't you know I had to FORCE them to eat it!

Josh told me half way through his meal he'd rather have Salmon on Friday nights!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Don't Know Where He Gets It....

The Children's Dentist office we go to has a fairly big fish tank.

While we were there earlier this week, Josh just happened to have the chair right by the tank while he was having his teeth cleaned so Sam and I were watching the fish.

Sam: Hey! I have a GREAT Idea!

What's that?

Sam: We can feed my boogers to the fish!

And he says he's not a picklepotamus!

Hi Mom!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

Yesterday was REALLY hectic! It was difficult emotionally and physically!

Today, didn't start out so great either...

Sam fell when we were on our way to drop Josh off at the bus stop. I know it's a shock that we actually WALK a WHOLE BLOCK to the bus stop! We live the farthest and we're the only ones that walk -- well except for the boy who lives in front of the bus stop -- that would be a bit rediculous!

Anyway, Sam fell and skinned his knee on the way to the bus stop this morning. It was a pretty hard fall and he was fairly skinned up.

But, since he went on the "Falling Tour of England" this summer -- seriously, he fell EVERYWHERE we went! All our pictures of Sam, he has skinned and bloody knees -- so you would think he used to it by now.

Oh NO!!

He "couldn't walk!!!!" I really did feel bad for him, I really did! In fact, I was just thinking I would have to take Sam in for x-rays (because, this has happened before), and I'd have to cancel my coffee date with a friend and then he'd be out of school....

Then Rich tricked him into walking -- they were "in a band" playing Rich's harmonica and pitch pipe. Very cute! Of course the minute it was time to go to school.... "Mommy! I can't walk!!!!"

Poor Me!

Looking pathetic!

I did have fun playing with him --

Me: Oh poor baby, you can't walk? Can you jump?

Sam would jump: NO! I can't jump either!

Me: Can you run?

Sam would run: NO! I can't run either!

I brought him to school anyway and wouldn't you know, he was fine all morning at school.

Of course when I picked him up it was back to the same old same old from this morning!


Cheese! The faker!

But by then, I'd had My Moment!

I met a friend for coffee and caught up on what ever it is we talked about. Then I went to the mall and bought some pretty clothes and they weren't T-Shirts!!!

Have you ever noticed....

... when you are in a hurry to get someplace you get stuck behind every school bus and farm vehicle with in a 100 mile radius, hit every red light, the 25mph school zone is in effect no matter what time of day (complete with cops on hand to patrol) and even manage to get caught by a train or two, and the kids are screaming in the back seat that you "forgot" something....

... but when you are early or not in a hurry, there is no traffic, the school is in session and you get every green light... and usually the kids are at school so you are all alone in peace in the car?


A Boy on the Edge

On Monday we took advantage of the continuing warm weather and went to our neighborhood swimming pool after school.

Josh's latest "thing" at the pool is to swim laps of breast stroke. And by laps, I mean up and back once. He really wants to join the swim team next year and he has to be able to do one lap of the pool to join. So he spends time practicing and his best stroke is his breast stroke. It's really good considering he just learned this summer. Although it's not surprising as Rich does laps of the breast stroke during "adult swim."

We were at the pool with friends and Josh appeared to be having fun playing with them, but then disappeared to the other side of the pool. As I watched, he had such a determination and was concentrating to do his best.

He's like that in everything he does. Strives for perfection. It's no wonder he's already reading proficiently at a third grade level and is so keen to learn his math facts. He wants to be the best. He's very competitive (he gets that from his father)!

Because of his drive and determination, it's often easy to forget he's still just a little kid. He's only six. He's just on the cusp of entering a new stage of life -- he's growing up.

Yesterday Josh had an ophthalmologist appointment and a dentist appointment; I thought it would be good to keep him out of school just once, not twice!

At his eye appointment he needed his eyes dilated. He hates when they do that -- his last experience just under a year ago when he scratched his cornea. I could tell he was nervous and scared, but he was so brave and did not cry! He was a real trooper!

In the afternoon, he had a dentist appointment. He doesn't like having his teeth x-rayed. I think he panics and thinks the film in his mouth will choke him. He tried this time without a fuss -- he really did -- but they were not able to get the x-rays this time. He did great with the cleaning and the dentist appointment. The dentist suggested we have his 6-year molar sealed to prevent cavities on his "big boy" teeth and they were able to do it that day.

The poor boys! We left the house at 7:20 in the morning and were out all day doing boring things -- all Josh wanted to do was go home (it was 2:00 by then). But we got in to have his teeth sealed and he was doing his best to be brave.

Remember what I said about why he doesn't like the x-rays? Well that goes double when the dentist is putting cotton in his mouth. I felt so bad. It really hit me that he still is a little kid. He was trying all day to be brave doing things that were no fun and this just put him over the top. (Although we did spend 2 hours at McDonald's killing time.)

We were all exhausted when we came home. Sam did great all day too! He really did. When we got home the boys chilled out with their new Hot Wheels and Monster Trucks I bought them. My back was really hurting. Sam kissed it better for me and Josh got me a cool washcloth. Such sweet boys!

As I climbed into bed, I thought to myself I'd let the kids sleep tomorrow and drive Josh into school so we didn't have to rush to get the bus.

I needn't have worried. They were still up by 5:30!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The folks over at Maya's Mom have a daily featured journal topic every day. Most days, I do get inspiration and ideas from them, other times, I don't. Today, the topic, not surprisingly, is Remembering 9/11, 2001.

I had not planned on writing about it, but after my day today, I can't help but think about it. Today was busy and exhausting, but when I think about the date, it makes me appreciate what I have and be thankful for it. A reminder that for some, people they loved never came home.

(After re-reading this, I can see that my thoughts are all over the place and don't really flow well, but I'm going to post it anyway. Hopefully, you'll be able to follow my train of thought all over the place...)

I remember 9/11/01 so clearly. We were living in London. Josh was 6 months old and my in-laws had come to babysit while I was working.

I had just come home from a morning meeting in London and was getting ready to eat lunch when the phone rang. It was Rich telling me to turn on the T.V. because someone had just flown a plane into the WTC. I was shocked.

I can remember watching the news reports in utter disbelief -- watching as first one tower then the other collapsed. The pictures, the images, all too frightening to be believed... I think I was in shock.

The next day, I went into the office. I worked for an American IT company in their UK HQ very close to (a very quiet) Heathrow Airport. I remember floating through the morning. Feeling alone and vulnerable. The world as I knew it had just changed and there was no going back. I felt violated.

Most of the comments and talk around the office was utter disbelief and compassion for all those that lost their lives.

But, I will never forget, sitting in the cafeteria eating my lunch when I over heard someone say, "Well, you know the Americans have always lived like they were untouchable. Something like this was bound to happen eventually, I'm not surprised. Now they know what it's like for the rest of the world." There may have been something in there about how we deserved it, I don't remember, but that is how I interpreted what he said. I was disgusted. I was hurt. I could not believe someone actually said that! Where was the compassion?

Now, maybe the passage of time and distance has softened somewhat, but perhaps there was an element of truth buried deep in there. Up until 9/11, we'd been untouchable. I was living in London -- a city that has had it's share of unrest -- both before and since -- homegrown and otherwise. So perhaps this person was just voicing his opinion or something, I don't know. But it's something that lives with me everyday. That there is this "attitude out there" toward America and Americans.

But this attack was different. This was on a scale larger than anything anyone could comprehend and it affected all walks of life from people all over the globe. And for the most part, everyone I talked to was compassionate and just as upset and shocked about what happened as I was.

It became clear to me that this did not happen to America and Americans, it happened to The World. Yes, we were most directly affected, but it has changed the World.

It also opened my eyes to truly understanding that there are those out there that hate me and my family simply because I'm American. No other reason. So, my goal as a parent, is to teach my children compassion. To understand that "different" isn't "wrong" or "bad" it's just "different." Hopefully, this will help them to make the world a better place.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Monday....

I don't really have much to talk about today. I've had some pretty severe back pains lately. Yes Mom and Dad, I have been to the doctor! She prescribed a very strong anti-inflammatory. They work, but mostly because they Knock.Me.Out! So I don't take them during the day when I have Sam around (hmmm.... wonder why?)

AND she also referred me to PT for a massage... If only that could be in Aruba! Until that gets sorted (I'm having scheduling issues with them), I'm a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway, so as not to bore you with anymore, here are a few snippets from around our house lately.

Sam was looking at my wedding and engagement rings (while I was wearing them) and asked me if I'd share them with him. He said he wanted one too. I could have the wedding ring and he'd have the diamond engagement ring.

Don't think so!


Sam is also having some issues with "AM/ARE" -- if I ask him something he'll say, "I are!" instead of "I am." Well, I've decided it's time to start correcting his grammar. So the other day I said to him "Sammy are you eating?" , and he said, "Yes, I are!"

Me: No Sam, it's "Yes, I am" not "I are."

Sam: What?

Me: It's "I am"

Sam: Are you eating too Mommy?

Me: No Sam, I'm not eating, you are.

Sam: Yes, I are eating.

I gave up before we found ourselves playing out Abbott and Costello Routines.


Josh has decided to play coach-pitch baseball this fall instead of soccer. He's very excited and last night we found out he's going to be on the Marlins. He was a bit disappointed he was not on the Braves, but not everyone can be.

This morning he was looking at a poster we have of all the Major League Team caps. He found the Florida Marlins hat and got really excited!

Please note: this conversation took place at 5:45 this morning!

Josh (loudly and enthusiastically): Mom! There's a Florida Marlins and I'm on the Atlanta Marlins!!!!

Me (groggily): No, sweetie, you're on the Legacy Park Marlins. It's a kid's team.

Josh (just as loud and, surprisingly, with more enthusiasm): Well if I was grown up, I'd be on the Atlanta Marlins!!!!!

There is no squashing his spirit!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Family United

The weather here in Georgia is finally starting to cool down enough where we can go outside and do stuff without fear of over heating! This morning, we decided to head on up to the local State Park for a walk along some of the trails.

Let's go!

We love this state park; it has playgrounds, walking trails, a beach, a campground, and some other fun things to do with kids. Since it's only about 20 minutes away, we find it's a great place to spend some time outdoors together.

Josh has not been feeling well, so we didn't stay out too long, but we did manage to walk a bit on one of the easier trails they have.


The Grumpy Old Troll Bridge...

Trying to outsmart the Troll

Stopping for a break...

Where are we?

It's a good thing Sam was there. He kept us from getting lost....

There we are!

There are more pictures (if you're interested) here.

And I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to know the outcome of yesterday's Rugby World Cup game...

edited: I know this is true because of this email I received from my parents:

Re: your blog a House Divided.
Well what happened? Who won? Who did Josh root for?
I didn't see the Rugby in the papers we get and they didn't cover it on the news last night.

As expected, England beat the Americans 28 - 10, however, apparently the Americans (all armatures) played really well and were lucky to not get beaten 70 - 0! So, for this household at least, the result was not bad. The person who actually CARES about the outcome came out on top, yet the Americans put up a good showing.

Friday, September 7, 2007

A House Divided

Oh dear....

I've just been told some potentially dangerous news.

The U.S. face the Reigning World Champions (hmmm... I wonder who that could be?) in the Rugby World Cup tomorrow.

The relative peace in this house is depends on the outcome.

And with a major upset in the tournament today, anything is possible....

Stay tuned for more High Drama....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

I see her almost every day. Walking. Pushing her stroller up and down the street. Sometimes, in the evening, her husband is with her. Sometimes I see her several times a day.

Every time I see her it brings me back 5 1/2 - 6 years when Josh was a baby.

I have such clear memories of pushing Josh in his stroller to get him to sleep. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But it got us out of the house and into the fresh air. Well, we were in London so it was usually raining, but it was fresh!

I can remember pushing him along our neighborhood, talking to him, showing him the many houses and flowers and trees. Anything to get him to sleep. Walking and walking.

Now, he's six. I can't push him in a stroller anymore. Sam never needed any help getting to sleep, he still doesn't. I never would have believed if you'd told me I would miss those days.

So when I see her, pushing her little girl around the block I smile and send her a little telepathic message... "Remember these days... They will be over before you know it!"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Memories

Summer Memories is the topic du jour at Maya's Mom.

I guess one of the great things about having a blog and attempting to keep it up to date is being able to look back at the things you've done over the summer and not think, "Holy Cow, where did the summer go?!"

Our summer started straight away, with a trip to England to see Rich's family and friends. We had some fantastic times as chronicled in several blogs in June. We braved the Cold English summer, gave our children some culture in London, caught up with family and friends, spent a week with Rich's family in Sandy Balls (you can stop laughing now) and wrapped up our time in a quaint country village in Surrey.

When we got home, we went to a Braves baseball game, Josh took swimming lessons and we celebrated the 4th of July.

Then, the boys and I spent three weeks at my parents' house. What fun that was! Fishing, horseback riding, meeting new friends, and just having fun!

We barely got back and it was time for school to start!

We were so busy this summer that sometimes I feel like it just got started and it's over already! Thankfully, the blog helps me to see where the time went! I know the boys had fun this summer too! I'm so thankful that we were able to do all the fun things we did!

But I guess what I will remember most is just spending time together as a family. Being together, not being rushed and being able to enjoy ourselves along the way! Life comes at you so fast, it's nice to be able to enjoy it while it's happening!

Thanks for a great summer everyone!

Monday, September 3, 2007

PSA: Laughing

We overheard at the pool this weekend that a poor girl was tickled so much by her parents, they tickled the fun right out of her.

Thankfully, I am familiar with this condition and there is a cure.

The cure, oddly enough, is continue tickling and to tickle often.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cock-a-doodle doo

My kids have always been early risers. And I don't mind really because I'm an early riser too.

I can clearly remember times when I was young getting up before the rest of the house and turning on the T.V. to watch Daktari or whatever came on the 4 channels we got early in the morning. I'm sure my parents were happy when I started sleeping a bit later.

And later, when I in high school and home from college in the summers, I'd spend the night with my best friend and she would sleep the day away until noon. I'd get up at 8:00 or so, have breakfast, read the paper, have a chat with her mom and dad and siblings and when she woke up, we'd get lunch and do whatever we did in those days.

Anyway, I digress. So my kids are early risers too. There have been days, especially before Josh learned to tell time, when our day started at 4:30 a. m. (gulp!). But those days seem to be behind us now. Josh has to get up for school at 6:00 so him being an early riser really does help in the school year. I don't have to drag him out of bed or give him time to "wake up" because he already is up and often dressed before my alarm goes off at 6:00.

It also works out well because they go to bed early at night. This gives Rich and me some time together with out the kids. We can watch what we want on T.V., listen to music, talk and on the weekends we generally eat when the kids are in bed and have a bottle glass or two of wine. It's nice. Sort of like a date only we don't go out.

So this morning at oh-dark-thirty when Sam started to scream in his room for me, I looked at the clock -- 5:10. Great. Too early to get up, too late to get him settled back down. I went into his room and he had wet the bed. I get him into the bathroom, strip the bed, make it up again with clean sheets and try to coax him into bed for another 30 - 45 minutes.

Of course all the hullabaloo woke Josh up. I sent Josh back to his room. I lay down with Sam to get him back to "resting" and go into my room under the delusion I will be able to get at least another 45 minutes of, if not sleep, rest.

No. Not going to happen. As soon as I'm back in bed, Sam starts crying for whatever reason. I get up, put him in Josh's room so the two of them can entertain each other. The relative peace that followed lasted approximately 3 and a half minutes!

I decided to cut my losses and get the boys up so at least one of us could pretend to sleep late.

I think this is what my parents would term "grandparents' revenge!"

Thankfully, it's my turn to sleep in tomorrow!
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