Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celebrating the 4th!

Yesterday we went down to watch our local fireworks display at our sub-division. It was fantastic! For once, it was NOT humid, muggy, raining, and HOT! We could hardly believe it was July in Georgia!

We had a family BBQ in our back yard before hand. We packed up the wagon:


Tried to take some pictures....


Lit up some sparklers:


Then headed down to the Town Green to enjoy the festivities.


DSCN5303 The people sitting in front of us had a son that was on Josh's soccer team. We called him the "other Josh"! It turned out great because they kept each other company all night. The dads (Rich and the "other Josh's") played soccer and threw footballs around.

DSCN5304Sam even made a new friend with a boy sitting next to us.

We also took the boys around to play on the bouncy castles and inflatable slides and such. We saw lots of friends, ate lots of food and had lots of fun!

Finally, it was time for fireworks! Josh sat with the "other Josh" and watched with him. This was Sam's first fireworks experience. He loved them! I tried to capture the look of awe and wonder on his face, but it didn't work so well. It's a cute picture anyway!


Hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day!

DSCN5325 DSCN5327 DSCN5309

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