Monday, April 30, 2007

The White Knights -- Game 1

Josh's first soccer game was on Saturday. We had a great time!

He's in the "Under 8" division and our team is The White Knights.

The games in this division are played 6 on 6 -- with 1 goalie and 5 other players. There is more of a focus on playing "properly" in this division -- a bit less of a free for all than in the "Under 6" and "Under 5" divisions! Everyone still gets to play and they rotate through the different positions.

Josh was lucky because he got to play Offense, Defense and Goalie this time. Although next time, he may not get a turn in the goal.

Josh and his best friend Sean.

Warming up.

Being the Goalie.

I have a whole series of Josh "Playing" in the goal. He told me goalie was only fun when there was something to do. And Defense was really boring! I think that's mostly because when Josh was playing defense, his team was up scoring goals!

Josh made 2 really good saves as goalie, and did not let any in. This is just after he saved the 2nd one!

Playing Offense.

"I wanna play too!"

It was very hard to keep Sam off the pitch! He wanted to play football with the big kids too!

Josh and Sean (and Marco in the background) taking a rest and having a snack.

I did not "keep score" of the game so I don't know who won. But I think it may have been Josh's team. They were really all over the pitch and had some great plays. One of Josh's friends that was on the other team said it was a 5-5 draw, but I don't think the other team scored 5 goals!

So, my prerogative as mom is to say Josh's team won!

On Sunday, Josh declaired it was "Mommy and Joshie Day." And he wanted to Go Golfing!

We had a great time and decided next time we should make it Family Day and have Daddy and Sam come too!

And we got ice cream afterwards!

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