Monday, April 2, 2007

We Survived!

Okay, this has to have been the worst weekend I can remember. I'm sure it could have been worse, no one died, we just all felt like we wanted to die!

As you may recall, Sam came down with a stomach bug on my birthday. That wasn't so bad in the end, because Rich and I were going to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. Oh, I was looking forward to moule marinieres, and steak (we haven't had it in ages), and maybe some creme brulee for dessert... Yum!

But, when Sam started throwing up at 2:30 AM -- so much that he needed a bath in the middle of the nigh! Rich changed his sheets, I gave him a bath and we got him back to bed. But we decided that we had to cancel that evening...

... and it's a good thing we did because when we woke up the next morning, Rich was sick. It seems he'd caught Sam's bug! So, Rich was sick in bed all day. I was stuck in the house with the boys -- except for a 2 hour window when Josh and I went out to a birthday party. It was awful. The boys didn't understand why Daddy couldn't play. And since Sam was sick we were stuck inside.

Saturday, which was supposed to be a nice relaxing day, turned into a stressful, sick filled day. I was never so happy as I was when I put the boys to bed, ate my pizza I had ordered for dinner and drank a glass of wine! I was so exhausted... I went to bed at 8:30.

And I woke up again at 2:30 because I was now sick. Pizza and wine is great going down, not so great coming back up. So I stayed in bed most of Sunday while Rich, who still wasn't well, looked after the boys. And it was raining so they were stuck inside...

So, today, the first day of Spring Break for the boys, it was drizzly outside this morning, we've done our chores and Sam is sleeping. Hopefully when he wakes up the drizzle will have cleared up and we can get out of the house!

Here's to hoping the week turns out better and that Josh gets through un-bugged!

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