Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere!

Sam didn't have a nap today.

I took a page out of the Crazedparent Book of Child Entertainment today. I was desperate.

I let the kids paint the driveway.

We also played "melt the ice cube." Josh loves to take ice cubes and see which one melts fastest.

They had a great time!

Sam was soaking wet, but he didn't care. Neither did I as long as they kept the water away from me!

Blowing bubbles.

By the end, Sam was just throwing water all over the place! They were emptying the water out of the buckets faster than I could fill them!

I hardly got my "30 minutes" to read my book. But that's okay, the kids were entertained.

I think I'll add this to our list of outside activities!

Thanks Crazedparent!


  1. Oh my. These photos are hysterical! I have to show Nol...he's going to be jealous when he sees those huge foam things!

  2. "painting" is a great idea. I will use that one!!


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