Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love Thursday

I've been putting off my Love Thursday post. I was just not feeling the love and needed some time to think.

It's been a difficult week. Sam's had a bit of a cold that he was oh so kind enough to share with everyone else in the house! That coupled with a few "Book Club" issues have had me not sleeping much.

Sam had school today and I had some errands to run. It is so heavenly to be able to run errands without a toddler! Not that Sam's bad, but when we go to Cost Plus World Market, he wants to touch everything. I'm afraid something will break! So, I enjoyed my morning running errands.

When I got to Costco, I took my time looking through the books. Something I love doing but usually Sam doesn't want to. Or rather, he just wants me to give him all the books, get a muffin, get some pizza, buy toys, get-this-get-that. It was nice to be able to browse!

When I was growing up, my mom (ever the teacher) gave us little bits of homework to do. Not every day, but on occasion. And not much, just a few math problems here, write a small story there, and always, we had books to read. I have to say, I didn't like it much, but it was a very good idea. I've been milling the idea over myself. The Costco books section was full of all sorts of "skills" books like "Get Ready for the First Grade" and "100 Words Your First Grader should know..." and that type of thing. I looked them over and thought about getting them, but honestly, I just thought that my little genius Josh would be bored. They did not look very interesting or challenging. I moved on to other kids books.

Josh has been doing really well on his Accelerated Reading (AR) books and tests. But he's been a bit reluctant to read a Chapter Book. He says there are too many words! I found the first four books of the Magic Treehouse series and thought that Josh may like to read them over the summer at Grandmother and Grampa's. My motivation for getting the books was to give him some "work" over the summer, but not make it seem like work. A book that is a bit more challenging than, "The Life Cycle of a Frog."

Hey, wait, this is a Love Thursday post! When is she getting to the Love! Show me the LOVE!

When I buy something for my kids, I'm just like a kid myself. I can't wait to give it to them! So, instead of waiting until July when we go to Grandmother & Grampa's, I gave Josh his books today. I was just too excited!

I am here to tell you, that boy LOVES them! As soon as I gave him them he opened one up and just started reading! He has started with Book #2 because the first one is "too boring" for him to read by himself! So, I'm reading Book #1 to him for his bedtime stories and he's reading Book #2 all by himself!

He brought the book to the playground and read at the playground instead of playing with his friends; he read it before dinner instead of watching TV; and (here's the real proof...) he read it before bed instead of playing PlayStation2!

So, my Love Thursday is about Josh! When I saw how happy and excited he was about getting these books ("Thank you Mommy! You sure do know how to pick out good books for me!") and how well he read them, my heart just swelled with love and joy!

I love reading and I'm so glad to see that my kids do too!

Josh reading his book on the way to the playground!

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  1. What a great post! My oldest son takes books everywhere-if we are running up to the store for milk, and the store is literally a three minute car ride, he brings a book!


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