Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, despite all evidence to the contrary, I actually had a really good birthday in the end.

Sam only threw up on me once and that was right after the strep-test at the doctor's office. He had a fever all day and was not happy unless he was on me. So, we just cuddled -- all day. And even though my plans were changed, it wasn't so bad to take some time out and just be with my little one cuddling! I wish he wasn't sick, but we had nice cuddles!

In the afternoon, Rich picked Josh up from the bus stop so they could go out and pick up some cake and candles. Josh picked out a birthday balloon (no SpongeBob for me) and a beautiful bouquet of tulips for me. Sam perked up when it was time to open presents. What kid wouldn't!

I got a book, a DVD, some chocolate, some more chocolate, some webpage software (so I can make this blog prettier), and this.

After presents we shared a piece of cheesecake... and when I say shared, I really mean we let Josh eat it and we each had a bite! My friend Sherry and her two boys brought a birthday cake over that she had made (after Sam was in bed because she didn't want to catch anything). Rich made me Spaghetti Carbonara with Garlic Bread for dinner. We opened our bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape that we had been saving. It was really yummy! And then we watched the new DVD!

So, all in all, it was a very nice birthday! Of course the best present of all is my wonderful family and all they do for me!

Sam seems better this morning. The fever is gone and he's much happier. We're still going to take it easy today. We were supposed to go to the park for a play date but I think we'll take it easy and make sure he's okay before exposing him to other kids! And his potty training is going great! Yippee! No more diapers!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Potty Training Update

Everyone is asking for an update on the potty training, so I'm going to Jinx it and post an update!

Sam is doing really well! He "got it" yesterday and today did not want a nappy or pull up on to go to school. He had no accidents on Monday and only one today (and that was a #2)!

But, since he still hasn't told me he has to go, I was a bit reluctant to send him to school in just big boy pants, but I did anyway... along with extra pull ups, nappies, several changes of underwear and clothes... seriously, I sent along about 4 outfits for a 3 hour school day. I'm sure his teachers think I'm nuts.

I just knew he was going to have an accident while at school. But nope! He peed 3 times at school and tried to go several other times. Luckily, being the age, the other 4 kids (all girls) are potty training too so it wasn't too bad for the teachers!

After Josh got home, we went to the playground in big boy pants! And had no accidents there either!

My friend Sherry met us at the playground with her 2 boys and brought a little "Throne" potty that makes a "ta da" noise when the child pees into the potty. She gave it to us and when we got home from the playground Sam went pee pee on it and thought the music was the greatest thing ever! I was making dinner and in 45 minutes, Sam had his pants off and was "trying" to go potty about 5 times!

The funny part was watching him try to put the pants back on! He would sort of get it right about half the time!

So, hopefully tomorrow this royal potty thing will have done the trick (that and the jelly bean bribe reward)!

Okay, now I've jinxed it. But we had 2 really good days! Fingers crossed for #2 in the potty tomorrow!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Potty Training Boot Camp!

Okay, so Friday I decided to start trying to potty train Sam. I decided the best course of action would be a Boot Camp course of action. The following is our experience. Some parts may be graphic. Not for the faint hearted!

My tactic was simple. Put Sam in big boy pants, fill him up with liquid and then either put him on the potty, let him pee on himself a few times or move him to the potty when he started to pee.

I figured after a day or so he would then "get it." HA!

I could tell quite early Friday, things were not going to be easy. Sam would cry every time I put him on the potty. And I'm not just talking about little sobs. He was truly upset. He would be on there for half an hour with pee pee trickling out in drips and drops. Then I'd say, "good boy" when there was enough that I thought he'd let it all out... he'd stand up and pee everywhere! A few times I managed to get the potty to him and sit him down at the end, but we still had pee pee all over the place ... yes, I will need to clean the carpets when this is all over.

We spent the weekend in the garden, planting flowers, sorting out the rest of the leaves, planting grass seed. It was great to be outside so if Sam peed, at least he could multi-task and water the plants at the same time!

By Saturday and Sunday, he had stopped crying when he was on the potty, but the story was the same otherwise. And, he'd added crying when he peed on himself. I kept telling myself this was progress, but inside I was crying too. Josh had been so easy!

Sam could not get the hang of "letting go" and just peeing on command. Only when he was beyond full and could not hold it any longer could he actually pee.

I was not really looking forward to another day of tears, struggles and stubborn behavior... from either of us! But, he has made some sort of breakthrough this morning. He has actually not peed on the carpet once today, he peed on the potty on his own will, and not cried at all! He's still not told me when he has to pee, but when I see him doing the pee pee dance, I put him on the potty and he goes!

I know we have a long way to go, but I'm so excited to reach this little milestone. He has school tomorrow morning, so we'll have to see how he goes at school, but I'm hopeful!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Brotherly Love!

Right after I took this picture, Sam leaned over and kissed Josh. Then Josh leaned his head into Sam!

How sweet!

Monday, March 19, 2007


This weekend we went to the annual "Touch-a-Truck" our town holds. It is always lots of fun, but each year they've held it (this is the 4th) the weather has varied!

Two years ago, it was so hot we were out with shorts and t-shirts. This year, we had to brave the 38F weather and a wicked wind that blew right through us. Josh, of course, was not phased by the weather. The rest of us couldn't wait to get back home! Of course, the weather did not keep the masses away! There were still lots of people!

Touch-a-Truck is by far the best event our town holds. All sorts of City vehicles and farm vehicles are out for kids to climb all over and in and out of. Police Cars, Fire Trucks, street sweepers, cement mixers, garbage and recycling trucks, bulldozers, tractors and many, many more. There are always free hot dogs and pop for everyone, there are bouncy castles and tricycles and all sorts of fun give aways. This year the Police were collecting for their annual Torch Run to benefit the Special Olympics and they were giving away Nascar matchbox cars (#24 with Yoda on the front... and as Josh is into Star Wars BIG TIME right now, this was a HUGE hit!) He also got a Nerf Over the Door basketball hoop and has been playing his strange version of "horse" ever since.

These are the only pictures I took. It was way too cold and windy for me to pull out the camera every 5 feet.

We had lots of fun and hope next year, it's not quite so cold!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fleetfoot Max, Where Are You?

Yesterday Josh got off the bus all excited! He told me he'd made a wish on his 4-leaf clover sticker (he got the sticker for good behavior) and he just knew it was going to come true! But he couldn't tell me because then it definitely wouldn't come true! "And it's a good one Mom!"

This morning before we went to school he ran into the dining room (because that is where it would be) to check to see if his wish came true! He was so upset that it wasn't there, but not put off. He asked me to be on the look out for his wish. I asked him to tell me what it was about so I would know if it was his wish coming true. All he told me was "Lego StarWars." Because if he told his wish it would never come true!

Eventually, I got out of him that he'd wished for a Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ($98!!!!)! He asked if I would call the fairies and tell them that's what he wanted. He said to ask for Fleetfoot Max from Abba Kate's Fairy Circle because Max is his special fairy!

So, guess what the first thing he said to me when he got off the bus this afternoon was? "Mom, did you call the fairies? Is my Star Destroyer there?"

I had forgotten all about it! "No, Josh, I forgot, but I don't think the fairies would bring you the Star Destroyer! That's pretty expensive and fairies don't bring expensive gifts like that." (No, I was not out of the woods...)

Josh, "But Mom! You have to call them! They might bring me something else Lego Star Wars!"

Let me tell you, there were tears because I wouldn't call the fairies RIGHT NOW! I even told him that Fleetfoot Max lives under Papa Don's pool in the winter with the rest of Abba Kate's fairies. I told him that the fairies only come out after Papa Don opens the pool in May. You would have thought this would get me off. No. Josh said, "Well, he's magic and his wand gets email under the pool!"

I finally had to say I'd write an email to the fairies to get him to stop!

I can just imagine his disappointment when he doesn't get the Star Destroyer!

But, on the plus side, Sam did great at school. He was walking around all morning.

I told Josh that Sam was walking now (Sam was still napping when Josh got home). Josh said, "Well Mom, I know that because my wish today was that Sam would walk!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We got the cast off today! Yippee!!!

But what nobody tells you is getting the cast OFF is actually worse than having it put ON! The poor boy, as soon as the cast was off, he bent his knee and started crying.

We had to take more x-rays just to make sure it was healed (it's fine), and that was traumatic too! All he wanted was to cuddle Mommy; he did not like being put down on the x-ray table at all!

Apparently, since he hasn't used the muscles in a month, they are stiff and sore. The PA said it could be 6 weeks before he has full, normal use of his leg again! He also said Sam should be up and walking around in 1-2 days (!!!) and if he's not, to bring him back in for more x-rays and a possible re-cast! He seemed pretty confident that the leg was healing nicely though!

So, for the time being, we'll be happy that the cast is off, take it easy the rest of this week and start working on building his leg muscles up again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

T-shirts, Blue Jeans and Boys Things

Yesterday I went through Sam's closet and got rid of most of his 2T's and replaced them with Josh's hand-me-down 3T's.

It was something that needed to be done, but I kept putting off. Every time I would start, I would just stop and think, "No, he's a baby still! I can't get rid of his 2's! He only just turned 2!" And then I'd stop and pull clothes out of the 3T box on the floor of his closet for him to wear.

But it was nice and spring-y in the air and I had the windows open so I just thought "why not!" Besides, it got me out of folding the laundry! And since the cast comes off tomorrow (fingers crossed, fingers crossed) I am going to attempt potty training in the next week or so.

It was so sad clearing out his clothes and putting them in a box for charity! It was harder than getting rid of the little baby clothes! Every time I put something in I thought, "Maybe he can wear this just one more time!" Then I'd sigh, remember all the fun we had when he was wearing it, or remember when Josh wore it and how cute he looked, then I'd put it in the box.

I did have fun going through the "new 3T's" too, though. Remembering when I bought something or if Josh really ever wore it... As I was unpacking, I discovered I could open my own thrift shop for 3T blue jeans. No joke, there are at least 13 pair of blue jeans, 5 sweat pants and 4 cords, chinos or other dressy jeans! Shorts, we're good, only about 8 pair! I don't know if the jeans multiplied while in storage or what, but there are tons of them!

Now I have to do the same for Josh... go through his clothes and figure out what fits and what doesn't. He does not have as many clothes as Sam, but he's got quite a bit. He also does not seem to out grow them as quickly anymore. Or maybe I just buy big and hope they will last two years! I'm just never sure what fits and what doesn't. Boys just aren't willing to play the "Lets try this on and see if it still fits" game. Sigh! What's a mom to do? (He's also wearing clothes out now -- his shirt sucking/chewing habit wearing out his shirts and the playground wearing out the knees)

After I cleaned out Sam's closet I went to Target and stocked up on Big Boy pants. I also went to three stores (Target, Old Navy and Kohls) to get new clothes for Josh.

It was really hard trying to find clothes for Josh. He's at that age where the "big boy" clothes just aren't as "cute" or are too plain or something... maybe they're too grown up, I don't know. They're just boring! Plus, Josh has decided to be a bit picky about the clothes he wears. It's so hard. I'll pick something out and I get "EEWWW, I don't like that!" (sort of like dinner times around here some days...). So I picked out a few things I thought were okay -- luckily, Josh LOVED them (especially the Spiderman t-shirt).

So, tomorrow's chore is set. Clean out Josh's closet -- out with the old, in with the new.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Afternoon Cricket and First BBQ of the Year!

Today was a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside. I REALLY wished Nanny and Grandad were here to help us figure out what to plant in the front garden! But, since they weren't we just weeded and weeded and weeded some more! The day lillies are just coming up and the Black-Eyed Susan's seem to be getting ready to sprout. Rich may have dug up some of the Hostas. We're not sure!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see what pops up this year and then fill in from there!
In the afternoon, the boys played some pre-BBQ cricket.

After the cricket mini-match was complete (Josh had 2 catches and "lots" of runs), we had our first BBQ of 2007!

Hooray Spring is here!!!!

(Sorry about the formatting! I still don't quite know what I'm doing. Rich will have a look some time and try to teach me. In the meantime, you'll just have to suffer!)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

That's Gross!

Sam’s new favorite saying is “That’s Gross!”

It started when my parents were visiting last week. Someone did something and Sam said, “That’s Gross!” and immediately my parents started laughing.

My kids, being the attention seekers that they are (apparently they are starved for attention at home), will lock on to anything and anyone that seems even slightly amused by their actions and/or words. So, when “That’s Gross!” was met with a room full of laughter, it became the “Phrase du jour.” Or week. Or month… I don’t really know, he hasn’t stopped saying it yet.

While Sammy and Grampa were playing trains upstairs, occasionally I’d hear a round of, “That’s Gross…” or “No that’s not gross that’s icky” from the play room then peals of laughter (from both Grampa and Sam).
It was quite cute and no doubt Grandmother and Grampa have incorporated this into their vocabulary. They seem to incorporate a lot of “grandchild-speak” into their vocabulary. They still call McD’s “Big Red Donalds” because that is what Josh used to call it.

Last night I was putting Sam to bed. I kissed his cheek and said, “Night night Sam!”

He looked at me and said, “Mommy, don’t kiss my cheek, THAT’S GROSS!”

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Various Pictures

The t-shirt says, "I'm 2 years old and there is nothing you can do about it!"

Very appropriate!

Josh's "Star Student" poster. It has pictures and stickers on it of things that are special to him.

We went to a play date at a place called "Jungle Jim's". It was fantastic. There were all sorts of fun places to play, things to climb on, swings....

"The Boys" coloring on the driveway.

Sam sitting in a puddle.

Josh's Birthday

My little baby turned 6 today! He was so excited he woke up at 4:30! We did send him back to bed until almost 6:00.

Daddy made him a special breakfast -- fried egg and Irish Bangers (Grandmother bought them just for him). Of course, the Irish Bangers weren't as good as English Sausage, but it was a good breakfast just the same!

Before school we opened a few presents. Just to tide him over until his party after school! At school he had special snacks (chocolate chip cookies that he helped Grandmother make), he got a birthday "crown" and sticker! His friends sang him Happy Birthday! It was a great day!

After school he opened 1 present -- it was his Lego Star Wars 1 that he asked Santa for but Santa brought Lego Star Wars II (what was that about Mommy?). He played that until his friends came over.

We had 5 boys over to play. The boys had a great time playing with the "Shake & Go Racers" and Star Wars Light Sabers. We played Pass the Parcel, ate Pizza and Cake (mom forgot to buy ice cream) and opened presents. Before we knew it, it was time for our friends to leave!

It's so hard to believe he's 6! With a 2 year old in the house, it's so easy to get caught up in his daily achievements and two year old awe of life. Every day Sam learns or achieves some thing new. It's so easy to over look Josh's accomplishments.

But when I look at him and see what a wonderful, caring person he is growing into, or when I hear him read, watch him write, see him do math, I am amazed at how much he has learned this year. I'm totally in awe of him. I feel privileged to be his Mommy.

I love you little guy and I hope you had a good birthday!

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