Monday, March 19, 2007


This weekend we went to the annual "Touch-a-Truck" our town holds. It is always lots of fun, but each year they've held it (this is the 4th) the weather has varied!

Two years ago, it was so hot we were out with shorts and t-shirts. This year, we had to brave the 38F weather and a wicked wind that blew right through us. Josh, of course, was not phased by the weather. The rest of us couldn't wait to get back home! Of course, the weather did not keep the masses away! There were still lots of people!

Touch-a-Truck is by far the best event our town holds. All sorts of City vehicles and farm vehicles are out for kids to climb all over and in and out of. Police Cars, Fire Trucks, street sweepers, cement mixers, garbage and recycling trucks, bulldozers, tractors and many, many more. There are always free hot dogs and pop for everyone, there are bouncy castles and tricycles and all sorts of fun give aways. This year the Police were collecting for their annual Torch Run to benefit the Special Olympics and they were giving away Nascar matchbox cars (#24 with Yoda on the front... and as Josh is into Star Wars BIG TIME right now, this was a HUGE hit!) He also got a Nerf Over the Door basketball hoop and has been playing his strange version of "horse" ever since.

These are the only pictures I took. It was way too cold and windy for me to pull out the camera every 5 feet.

We had lots of fun and hope next year, it's not quite so cold!

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