Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We got the cast off today! Yippee!!!

But what nobody tells you is getting the cast OFF is actually worse than having it put ON! The poor boy, as soon as the cast was off, he bent his knee and started crying.

We had to take more x-rays just to make sure it was healed (it's fine), and that was traumatic too! All he wanted was to cuddle Mommy; he did not like being put down on the x-ray table at all!

Apparently, since he hasn't used the muscles in a month, they are stiff and sore. The PA said it could be 6 weeks before he has full, normal use of his leg again! He also said Sam should be up and walking around in 1-2 days (!!!) and if he's not, to bring him back in for more x-rays and a possible re-cast! He seemed pretty confident that the leg was healing nicely though!

So, for the time being, we'll be happy that the cast is off, take it easy the rest of this week and start working on building his leg muscles up again!

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  1. He'll be walking in no time. As soon as he starts running around the house for sure his leg muscles will build up again.
    All the best.


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