Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fleetfoot Max, Where Are You?

Yesterday Josh got off the bus all excited! He told me he'd made a wish on his 4-leaf clover sticker (he got the sticker for good behavior) and he just knew it was going to come true! But he couldn't tell me because then it definitely wouldn't come true! "And it's a good one Mom!"

This morning before we went to school he ran into the dining room (because that is where it would be) to check to see if his wish came true! He was so upset that it wasn't there, but not put off. He asked me to be on the look out for his wish. I asked him to tell me what it was about so I would know if it was his wish coming true. All he told me was "Lego StarWars." Because if he told his wish it would never come true!

Eventually, I got out of him that he'd wished for a Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ($98!!!!)! He asked if I would call the fairies and tell them that's what he wanted. He said to ask for Fleetfoot Max from Abba Kate's Fairy Circle because Max is his special fairy!

So, guess what the first thing he said to me when he got off the bus this afternoon was? "Mom, did you call the fairies? Is my Star Destroyer there?"

I had forgotten all about it! "No, Josh, I forgot, but I don't think the fairies would bring you the Star Destroyer! That's pretty expensive and fairies don't bring expensive gifts like that." (No, I was not out of the woods...)

Josh, "But Mom! You have to call them! They might bring me something else Lego Star Wars!"

Let me tell you, there were tears because I wouldn't call the fairies RIGHT NOW! I even told him that Fleetfoot Max lives under Papa Don's pool in the winter with the rest of Abba Kate's fairies. I told him that the fairies only come out after Papa Don opens the pool in May. You would have thought this would get me off. No. Josh said, "Well, he's magic and his wand gets email under the pool!"

I finally had to say I'd write an email to the fairies to get him to stop!

I can just imagine his disappointment when he doesn't get the Star Destroyer!

But, on the plus side, Sam did great at school. He was walking around all morning.

I told Josh that Sam was walking now (Sam was still napping when Josh got home). Josh said, "Well Mom, I know that because my wish today was that Sam would walk!"

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