Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brain Dump

My bloggy friends really know how to lay on the guilt trip about not blogging!

And my mom too.

I was chatting with CrazedParent -- she was worried because I've been quiet lately. She said, "Blog about the bloggy funk."

In truth, I could be blogging about stuff... I could be out there reading all your blogs... but I'm being selfish.

But, since I haven't blogged about much, here's my brain dump....

Rich officially starts his new job on Monday. I know he's anxious to start that and begin learning some new things. He's started going in to the office every day so that's taken us all a bit of time to get used to. The boys still open up the basement door when they get home because they have to "tell Daddy something."

It's good for him though to get out of the house and get some interaction with people other than Josh, Sam and me. You know?

Josh's birthday is on Sunday. He'll be 8! EIGHT! I can hardly believe it. We're not having a party this year. He wanted to invite a friend over for a sleep over so we're letting him do that.

We're also getting a "family" present - we pooled all the money that granparents, aunts, uncles and friends had given us for birthdays and got a PlayStation3. So we'll be getting that, and Josh is getting GuitarHero and a few other games, some BlueRay DVD's and a few books.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the GuitarHero next week. I'm quite excited to try it out actually!

Sam is doing well too. He had a renal ultrasound yesterday. The doctor's office just called to say all is good. I thought maybe this was the last one from the way she was talking at his last apointment, but she wants another renal ultrasound in two years. But his right kidney is all gone now (that was the bad one) and the left kidney is very big (all good).

That's about all the news here for the moment. Sam and I are about to make playdough for his class. It's my turn to make it. If you want the recipe, let me know.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News All Around

This week has been a great week in our house.

We found out this week that Rich's job transfer was approved. He's being funded by a new group, beginning March 1. He's really excited about working with this new group. I think the people working on it are quite similar to Rich work ethic wise and the project is new and exciting for him.

He's had to start going into the office every day instead of working from home, but he's happy to be learning something new and actually have some work to do for a change. Even though he officially doesn't start until March, he's been getting his feet wet this week as there is loads to do on the new job and nothing to do on the old one!

The second bit of good news came yesterday. Sam had an appointment with his nephrologist (kidney doctor), and she's pleased with his progress. She wants to get one more ultrasound just to check the size of his good kidney, but says we don't have to see her anymore. Sam's normal pediatrician can just monitor him from now on!

One interesting thing... Sam was 39 inches in November for his 4 year check up -- yesterday he was 42.25 inches! He's grown 3 inches in 3 months! Yikes! That explains the restless nights and growing pains though!

And the last bit of good news comes courtesy of Josh. He is in the second grade chorus at his school. They are the only second grade chorus in Cobb County and they were in a Chorus Competition today. They were the youngest Chorus there and they came in first place. They got all "1's" from all the judges.

He was very happy about the result! But apparently, it was a "difficult day." When I asked him to do his homework, he told me he was tired because it was very hard to "be quiet all day long!"

After what seems like months of worry (about Rich's job) and unexpected bills (heaters and cars), it's nice to get good news for a change!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Blink or You'll Miss it.

So you know how Friday I mentioned that I was going to be interviewed for CBS Atlanta?

Well it was a complete waste of time. I was supposed to interviewed about Being Savvy Atlanta and giving tips on how to talk to kids about the economy and potential job loss. I got down there and they immediately began talking about this family that had fallen on tough times and that they wanted me to tell them what to tell their kids.

Red flags were raised at this point, but I did talk to the producer and ask if the reporter wanted me to give specific quotes or just general tips -- because that is what I was there to give. She said, "oh just general stuff. She's got kids in Elementary and Middle School... what's she going to tell them?" I did tell her that Savvy was a site aimed at parents of preschoolers, not older kids -- but in general, the tips should still apply.

So I go with the reporter and he "interviews" me -- first of all -- it was the most unprofessional "interview" I've ever been a part of. He didn't do his homework. When I mentioned that we were an on-line parenting resource with tips and advice for parents of preschoolers. And that we had a database of educational activities, books, toys, things to do in the city, etc... he looked confused.

And in the middle of the interview, he walked away and told me he'd be right back. He was gone for about 5 minutes and when he came back he showed me the email with the story pitch. The line at the bottom was something along the lines of, "Let our City Editors come talk to you about how to talk to kids in these tough economic times."

He thrust it in my face and said, "Don't you provide this service? Isn't this the type of information available on your website? Don't you help people?"

I tried, very calmly, to tell him that I was there to share the tips with him. That is why I was there.

He kept going back to "What about people who don't have a home anymore and live in temporary shelters? What about those that have lost everything?" I felt like telling him that if you've lost everything, you don't have the internet. But I didn't.

I think at that point he'd given up on me. I was able to give him my tips, but he cut them all out. He really wanted me to tell him what to say. If you watch the clip, he took one supporting quote that wasn't even part of the main point and used it. Seriously, it was about 10 seconds.

If you want to watch the story, follow this link. I'm about 1:19 into the story.

But, I came home to a beautiful family in a nice house with a husband that is employed. So I'm thankful.

If you want to read Savvy's Tips for talking to your kids and what I was there to say, I posted them on Being Savvy Atlanta today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Um... Hello.... Anyone Still Out There?

Oooohhh... me bad.

I know it's been quite a while since I updated. My mom even made a comment to me on Facebook that I needed to up date this thing.

I don't even have a valid excuse... I was reading the Twilight series and got too hooked on them and could not do anything until I'd read them all. But that's done and now I can function again.

So, where were we?

Rich and Josh got home from England on Feb 1. They were tired -- exhausted really -- but had a great time! They left their winter coats at Uncle Dean's and that seems to be the only casualty. Luckily, since they've been home the weather has been beautiful.

There were two big games on that day... Of course the Superbowl was on that day, but more importantly, Liverpool vs. Chelsea. Luckily, both games had the desired result!

The boys got a package in the mail from Grandmother today...

Thank You Grandmother!

Rich's birthday was last Sunday. Josh was at a sleepover on Saturday night and a friend offered to take Sam for a few hours in the evening -- sort of a last minute thing -- so Rich and I went out on a mini-date. We just went to a local bar and had a drink. I think we got "had" -- one pint of beer and one red wine was $11! Geesh! I don't think we could afford to go out much at those prices!

And then this week has been a flurry of activity! With little errands and things to get done -- ah the life of a stay at home mom!

Sam had his Valentine's Day party on Thursday. I made mini cupcakes...

Valetine's Mini Cupcakes

Yesterday we went with a friend to one of our local museums. It's right here in Kennesaw and is called the "Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History." My friend, Summer, has a family membership and we were able to tailgate in on that.

We haven't been since Sam was born.

You need to know a bit about Kennesaw history and it helps to know about it's role in the Civil War (Kennesaw was called Big Shanty then), but in a nutshell, Kennesaw was the center of the Great Locomotive Chase or Andrew's Raid. Union Soldiers stole a train, they were chased and caught and yada, yada, yada... you can read about if you want... but anyway, they have the actual steam engine from the Great Locomotive chase there -- The General. It's a big engine, in a small room and they have a sound track with train noises playing. Josh was always terrified of this room so we just hadn't been back.

Well, the museum has since opened a Children's Education Center.... It was fantastic! There is a "Toddler" room with soft play things, train tables, puzzles and coloring and there is a room for older kids.

You can send messages via Morse Code from one telegraph station to another, a diesel train simulator, allowing students to be conductors and “drive” a train on their own (this is what the kids are doing in the picture below -- it was VERY cool),

At the train museum

There were interactive videos describing the different job positions available on the railroad, a replica “village” of 19th century downtown Kennesaw, with an open hotel and dry goods store where visitors can try on old-fashioned clothes, boards with buttons to hear train sounds -- another huge hit!

Choo! Choo!

We got there at three and played until they closed at 5:00 -- and we were the only ones there! It was fantastic. Josh really wanted to look at more of the exhibits so next time we go we may spend a bit more time looking -- we really just went straight to the kids part and let them play. Josh also loved the Telegraph Stations and he kept trying to send me messages in Morse Code.

It was much better than I remembered... or the kids are just older. Plus, by the time we got to The General, the noise had been turned off!

Hopefully that brings you up to date a bit with us. Have a great weekend!

On the Caboose!


...... oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm going to be on CBS-Atlanta tomorrow evening. Part of my Being Savvy Atlanta gig... We're discussing how to talk to your kids about the economy and job loss. If you're local, be sure to tune in. I'm sure I'll be posting a link as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins (2nd cousins really)

Laughing with Luke

Josh and Luke being boys

Apparently, Josh and Luke had a great time together. It's too bad they live so far apart... I think they'd be really good friends if we lived closer together!

Josh said the best part of the trip to England was playing with Luke!

Fore more Wordless Wednesday, visit the WWHQ!
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