Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News All Around

This week has been a great week in our house.

We found out this week that Rich's job transfer was approved. He's being funded by a new group, beginning March 1. He's really excited about working with this new group. I think the people working on it are quite similar to Rich work ethic wise and the project is new and exciting for him.

He's had to start going into the office every day instead of working from home, but he's happy to be learning something new and actually have some work to do for a change. Even though he officially doesn't start until March, he's been getting his feet wet this week as there is loads to do on the new job and nothing to do on the old one!

The second bit of good news came yesterday. Sam had an appointment with his nephrologist (kidney doctor), and she's pleased with his progress. She wants to get one more ultrasound just to check the size of his good kidney, but says we don't have to see her anymore. Sam's normal pediatrician can just monitor him from now on!

One interesting thing... Sam was 39 inches in November for his 4 year check up -- yesterday he was 42.25 inches! He's grown 3 inches in 3 months! Yikes! That explains the restless nights and growing pains though!

And the last bit of good news comes courtesy of Josh. He is in the second grade chorus at his school. They are the only second grade chorus in Cobb County and they were in a Chorus Competition today. They were the youngest Chorus there and they came in first place. They got all "1's" from all the judges.

He was very happy about the result! But apparently, it was a "difficult day." When I asked him to do his homework, he told me he was tired because it was very hard to "be quiet all day long!"

After what seems like months of worry (about Rich's job) and unexpected bills (heaters and cars), it's nice to get good news for a change!


  1. Wow what a great post... I love reading the good news. I am happy for you

  2. Congrats on the good news! I'm happy for you guys :)

  3. Yay! Congratulations all around!


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