Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Blink or You'll Miss it.

So you know how Friday I mentioned that I was going to be interviewed for CBS Atlanta?

Well it was a complete waste of time. I was supposed to interviewed about Being Savvy Atlanta and giving tips on how to talk to kids about the economy and potential job loss. I got down there and they immediately began talking about this family that had fallen on tough times and that they wanted me to tell them what to tell their kids.

Red flags were raised at this point, but I did talk to the producer and ask if the reporter wanted me to give specific quotes or just general tips -- because that is what I was there to give. She said, "oh just general stuff. She's got kids in Elementary and Middle School... what's she going to tell them?" I did tell her that Savvy was a site aimed at parents of preschoolers, not older kids -- but in general, the tips should still apply.

So I go with the reporter and he "interviews" me -- first of all -- it was the most unprofessional "interview" I've ever been a part of. He didn't do his homework. When I mentioned that we were an on-line parenting resource with tips and advice for parents of preschoolers. And that we had a database of educational activities, books, toys, things to do in the city, etc... he looked confused.

And in the middle of the interview, he walked away and told me he'd be right back. He was gone for about 5 minutes and when he came back he showed me the email with the story pitch. The line at the bottom was something along the lines of, "Let our City Editors come talk to you about how to talk to kids in these tough economic times."

He thrust it in my face and said, "Don't you provide this service? Isn't this the type of information available on your website? Don't you help people?"

I tried, very calmly, to tell him that I was there to share the tips with him. That is why I was there.

He kept going back to "What about people who don't have a home anymore and live in temporary shelters? What about those that have lost everything?" I felt like telling him that if you've lost everything, you don't have the internet. But I didn't.

I think at that point he'd given up on me. I was able to give him my tips, but he cut them all out. He really wanted me to tell him what to say. If you watch the clip, he took one supporting quote that wasn't even part of the main point and used it. Seriously, it was about 10 seconds.

If you want to watch the story, follow this link. I'm about 1:19 into the story.

But, I came home to a beautiful family in a nice house with a husband that is employed. So I'm thankful.

If you want to read Savvy's Tips for talking to your kids and what I was there to say, I posted them on Being Savvy Atlanta today.


  1. Oh Mimi, BRAVO to you for holding to your guns and not being intimidated. Some people just don't get it and because they don't they feel they need to get someone else to carry the burden and take the blame.

  2. that's total and complete SHITE. seriously. i'm sorry you were treated that way...and really, what did they think you to be? a social counsellor or something? what'd they want you to do? solve everyone's problems? my husband works at a tv station, and the reporters there are idiots too...i think it comes with the territory sometimes. not sure why.

    good job for you though...and the thought of the internet comment? well wouldn't that have flipped his lid. he probably wouldn't have *got* it though.

    i was so excited for your 15 minutes of fame, too. PS: we're coming to florida soon and may be coming back through atlanta.

  3. looked great!

    Sorry it was so misleading. That's pretty crazy!


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