Friday, February 13, 2009

Um... Hello.... Anyone Still Out There?

Oooohhh... me bad.

I know it's been quite a while since I updated. My mom even made a comment to me on Facebook that I needed to up date this thing.

I don't even have a valid excuse... I was reading the Twilight series and got too hooked on them and could not do anything until I'd read them all. But that's done and now I can function again.

So, where were we?

Rich and Josh got home from England on Feb 1. They were tired -- exhausted really -- but had a great time! They left their winter coats at Uncle Dean's and that seems to be the only casualty. Luckily, since they've been home the weather has been beautiful.

There were two big games on that day... Of course the Superbowl was on that day, but more importantly, Liverpool vs. Chelsea. Luckily, both games had the desired result!

The boys got a package in the mail from Grandmother today...

Thank You Grandmother!

Rich's birthday was last Sunday. Josh was at a sleepover on Saturday night and a friend offered to take Sam for a few hours in the evening -- sort of a last minute thing -- so Rich and I went out on a mini-date. We just went to a local bar and had a drink. I think we got "had" -- one pint of beer and one red wine was $11! Geesh! I don't think we could afford to go out much at those prices!

And then this week has been a flurry of activity! With little errands and things to get done -- ah the life of a stay at home mom!

Sam had his Valentine's Day party on Thursday. I made mini cupcakes...

Valetine's Mini Cupcakes

Yesterday we went with a friend to one of our local museums. It's right here in Kennesaw and is called the "Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History." My friend, Summer, has a family membership and we were able to tailgate in on that.

We haven't been since Sam was born.

You need to know a bit about Kennesaw history and it helps to know about it's role in the Civil War (Kennesaw was called Big Shanty then), but in a nutshell, Kennesaw was the center of the Great Locomotive Chase or Andrew's Raid. Union Soldiers stole a train, they were chased and caught and yada, yada, yada... you can read about if you want... but anyway, they have the actual steam engine from the Great Locomotive chase there -- The General. It's a big engine, in a small room and they have a sound track with train noises playing. Josh was always terrified of this room so we just hadn't been back.

Well, the museum has since opened a Children's Education Center.... It was fantastic! There is a "Toddler" room with soft play things, train tables, puzzles and coloring and there is a room for older kids.

You can send messages via Morse Code from one telegraph station to another, a diesel train simulator, allowing students to be conductors and “drive” a train on their own (this is what the kids are doing in the picture below -- it was VERY cool),

At the train museum

There were interactive videos describing the different job positions available on the railroad, a replica “village” of 19th century downtown Kennesaw, with an open hotel and dry goods store where visitors can try on old-fashioned clothes, boards with buttons to hear train sounds -- another huge hit!

Choo! Choo!

We got there at three and played until they closed at 5:00 -- and we were the only ones there! It was fantastic. Josh really wanted to look at more of the exhibits so next time we go we may spend a bit more time looking -- we really just went straight to the kids part and let them play. Josh also loved the Telegraph Stations and he kept trying to send me messages in Morse Code.

It was much better than I remembered... or the kids are just older. Plus, by the time we got to The General, the noise had been turned off!

Hopefully that brings you up to date a bit with us. Have a great weekend!

On the Caboose!


...... oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm going to be on CBS-Atlanta tomorrow evening. Part of my Being Savvy Atlanta gig... We're discussing how to talk to your kids about the economy and job loss. If you're local, be sure to tune in. I'm sure I'll be posting a link as well.


  1. Will you be bringing CBS cupcakes or will you be posting them to me?

  2. Those are some very perty cupcakes!!

  3. That childrens education center is awesome. I look forward to bringing my grandson to things like these next year

  4. You are so darn good at domestic feats!!! those are the greatest cupcakes i've ever seen!!! :) my inner martha stewart is so jealous!

    that locomotive place looks like barrels of fun. i'm sure any boy could spend hours and hours. it's one of those places you'd have to go back to countless times. you know, just HAVE to :)


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