Monday, December 21, 2009

It's All in the Marketing?

On Sunday we went to Borders to grab a "treat" at the coffee shop and do some last minute Christmas Shopping. We love going there on cold winter mornings because we can look around, the boys can get excited about what books they want and we can go get a coffee and a treat at the cafe!

As we were getting ready I said to Sam that he had to hurry up because we were going to Borders.

He said, "I don't want to go! You know WHY it's called BORDERS? Because it's BORING!"

Then later on in the car he said, "You know they shouldn't call it Borders because people will think it's boring. They should call it 'FUNNERS' because it's FUN!"

Perhaps we should let Borders customer service know.

Christmas Parade

Two weeks ago we had the annual Santa Parade in down town Kennesaw.

Because Josh is a Cub Scout he and Rich got to walk in the Parade. The Cub Scouts had a float this year and the boys made some ornaments for it at one of Josh's Cub Scout den meetings. Here they are showing them off...

We love this parade and go every year! The last few years have been warm and beautiful. This year was FREEZING!

Sam and I froze on the side watching (but we still had fun)!

And here are Josh and Rich walking in the parade. See if you can spot Josh carrying the banner!

And the Cub Scout float....

I am catching up! I am I am! Today the boys and I went to the Tellus Science museum just up the road and then we came home to make Magic Reindeer food. We're all in Christmas mood now and so excited!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sam's Christmas Pageant

Wow! Five Days to GO!!!

The boys are both off on Christmas break now. All the Christmas shopping is done and I'm left with a pile of presents to wrap!

Sam had his school Christmas pageant earlier this month and I wanted to share a few pictures and a small video of him with you.

Unfortunately, I forgot the video camera and my regular camera was low on batteries, so I couldn't video it all, but I did get a small bit.

He was one of the Cows in the Manger.

Isn't he the cutest?

Here he is singing "Baby Jesus We Love You."

To be honest, I was actually amazed he sang and did the hand motions. He's so different to Josh. Josh is a complete show off and loves to sing and be up there performing. Sam doesn't like the attention and gets really quiet if he catches you listening to him sing. You have to do it covertly.

The whole pageant was so cute! By far one of the better ones I've seen there! I can't believe that next year he'll be in Kindergarten!

Sam finished up on Tuesday and Josh finished up on Friday. Needless to say, they are very excited about Christmas and being off school for two weeks.

I have a few more Christmas related pictures and activities that I will hopefully get posted this week.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

I am sooooo behind! I have lots to update, but don't want to do it all at once... well, maybe I will, I don't know.

I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to have the use of my best friend's condo in Perdido Key, Florida! This is the same place we went three years ago and was the subject of my very first post here!

The car ride down was long! But the boys were great and we did manage to play some games. The most memorable was "Let's see if we can name all 50 states." Josh and Rich did really well, despite trying to add a few "New" states like "New Canada" and "Mariana" -- and then I had to convince Rich that "New England" was not a state but a region. After that they just had fun thinking of funny state names.

We got down there about 2:30ish and the first thing the kids did was change into their swim suits.

We arrived!

It was really too cold to swim in the water, but it was great for putting your feet in!


And the boys had fun in the surf!


We took a walk on the beach to stretch our legs! Josh spotted some Rays just about a foot off shore and we saw lots of dolphins!


When we saw the fisherman, Sam said, "Look! Invisible Fishermen!" Then he asked me what the guy did if he "caught a wave."

After our walk we came in and got dressed and took the kids to the Flora-Bama for dinner. The Flora-Bama is a beach bar located on the Florida-Alabama border. Before we went in, I checked to make sure it was suitable for kids and was told "before 7:00 only." When we left, there were quite a few families having dinner there, so I felt better!

Sam was tired and hungry which made him grumpy!

At the FloraBama

Wednesday was a beautiful day on the beach! The water was nice and warm and the boys had lots of fun playing in the water.


And they both got very wet!

I'm All Wet!

Getting Wet

They met a boy named Parker (who was also 5) and had a great time playing with him in the afternoon. Parker was there with his mom and grandparents. His grandparents own 2 condos there -- one of them is right next door to Linda Leighs! And they were the nicest family! I hope if we ever go back down we run into them again! The boys had so much fun playing with Parker! He and his mom had to leave on Thanksgiving morning to go meet "Dad" and little sister at the Other Grandparents' house for Thanksgiving!

But Wednesday afternoon we played on the beach for several hours.


The boys dug holes and built sand castles and Rich made a Formula 1 Race Car in the sand.


More pictures are on my Flickr page -- you can get there by clicking here.

The rest of the vacation was spent pretty much in the same manner. The weather on Wednesday was the warmest and best. Thursday was a bit chilly and windy so we didn't last as long outside. And not much was open since it was Thanksgiving! Friday we made the decision to pack up and leave.

And it's a good thing we did. On the way home, Josh developed a fever and was very sick. His fever continued to climb and finally broke on Saturday night/Sunday morning. But he was still off. I kept him out of school on Monday and when he was still not well on Tuesday we went to the doctor. She confirmed he had the flu!

Poor Josh was distraught! He thought he was going to die. He'd heard that kids who got the flu died and he didn't want to die! I felt so bad for him. But the doctor was really great! She explained the worst was over and he'd be himself in no time... but to keep him home the rest of this week anyway!

He seems to be better now and wants to go back to school tomorrow. But, since she told me to just keep him out all week, we're going to do that! I do have some homework from his teacher that he's been doing to keep from falling too far behind.

So this week Josh and I have been spending the week at home indoors. And it's been cold and rainy so we keep thinking of how nice the weather was in Florida!

Playing "Don't Cross This Line"
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