Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Parade

Two weeks ago we had the annual Santa Parade in down town Kennesaw.

Because Josh is a Cub Scout he and Rich got to walk in the Parade. The Cub Scouts had a float this year and the boys made some ornaments for it at one of Josh's Cub Scout den meetings. Here they are showing them off...

We love this parade and go every year! The last few years have been warm and beautiful. This year was FREEZING!

Sam and I froze on the side watching (but we still had fun)!

And here are Josh and Rich walking in the parade. See if you can spot Josh carrying the banner!

And the Cub Scout float....

I am catching up! I am I am! Today the boys and I went to the Tellus Science museum just up the road and then we came home to make Magic Reindeer food. We're all in Christmas mood now and so excited!

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