Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sam's Artwork

This morning Sam asked me for some paper so he could draw a picture, so of course I gave it to him.

I left him happily drawing away while I took Josh to the bus stop (relax, I didn't leave him home alone, Rich was here). When I came home, he showed me is drawings. I couldn't believe how fantastic they were.

Keep in mind, he's FIVE! And he drew these without looking at a picture or the TV!

He drew these picture of the SpongeBob gang --

SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton & Squidward

Saturday, February 13, 2010


We had snow yesterday! Twice in one year! Only this time the snow was so much better than before!

The kids went out and spent quite some time playing in it yesterday. Sam lasted about an hour. Which was pretty good. Here he is trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

Josh I had to call in just before dinner time. He had a great time playing out there and even managed a "mini snowman" all by himself.

I think the official snow fall total was 4" -- not sure if we got that here, but it was more than a "dusting" -- our plants were covered! It was all so pretty!

This morning the boys were so excited to go out and play. Unfortunately, the snow was VERY powdery this morning and not much good for packing. Josh was a wee bit upset.

But, once breakfast was over and the sun came out, the snow became a bit more "packable" and we could make a snowman!
He had to be sitting down because it was still a bit too powdery. And when I say "WE" could make a snowman, what I really meant to say was "Rich" could make it!

The boys did make snow Angels...

And then they did manage to have a bit of a snowball fight!

Rich and I came inside to get warm and dry. The boys are still outside. It is quite nice at the moment because the sun is shining and it's just at freezing so it's not too cold.

The weather forecast for the week looks interesting -- snow one day, 40 degrees the next, then snow again... we'll have to see how that works out!

But for now, the boys are having fun playing in the white stuff!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where has January Gone?

I swore to myself I'd do better at keeping the blog up to date this year. And I really do have every intention of doing so! I just don't know where the month has gone!

Well, I do really. Rich has been busy at work and has pretty much been working 15-18 hour days for the last 2 1/2 weeks -- including weekends. So I've been single parenting again. I don't know where the time goes but I don't seem to have much time to sit down each day, let alone write a blog post. Hopefully, we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and and we should be back on track soon!

On Saturday, Josh had the opportunity to go to the Georgia Aquarium with a friend and spend the night at the aquarium! He had a great time and came back exhausted, but excited.

This is the only picture I have of Josh at the aquarium sleep over. My friend Sherry took it - her sons Sean and Jackson invited Josh to the sleep over. Josh is in the middle of the frame looking up at the fish. This is where they slept!

Then on Sunday we had Josh's Cub Scout Den here for one of their meetings. They spoke about energy, electricity and matter. I thought we needed to provide a snack so before the meeting Josh and I made home made brownies for the Den. And because it was at 4:00 and I knew the boys would be hungry I also made peanut butter and apple wraps (tortillas with peanut butter and apple wrapped up). This also helped keep a very tired Josh entertained!

And the snack was a huge success! The boys liked it better than the one that was recommended by the Cub Scout itinerary (popcorn with marshmallows soaked in butter and then all tossed together with orange gelatin granules - yuck! They tried it, but didn't like it).

Josh (and Sam) have also been hard at work getting their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars ready! I have a few pictures, but I'll post those later this week. The Pinewood Derby is on Saturday so I'll be sure to post pictures (and maybe some video if I can figure out how).

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope every one had a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

My parents came to stay for Christmas -- and it was great! We didn't do a whole lot, but it was nice to catch up on reading and playing and relaxing!

One of our favorite "Christmas Traditions" is to go out to Chili's for dinner on Christmas Eve. The boys shared a dessert with Grampa --

It's a good thing they shared it -- it was HUGE!!! I think it's called the Molten Chocolate Fudge Dessert of Death... or something.

Christmas Day was nice and relaxing. We managed to keep the kids at bay until 6:30 or so. Then they just couldn't wait! Santa brought them both what they asked for -- I guess they had been good and stayed on the nice list after all!

The biggest hit presents were the PSP and the RockBand2/Lego RockBand for the PS3 we have. And the Lego's, and the video games, and the cars, and the dinosaur puzzle-statue thing, everything else! They really did bring in a good haul!

Thanks Aunt Jen & Uncle Will!!!!!

On Boxing Day (that's December 26th), Grampa brought Josh outside to teach him how to shoot a BB Gun. I don't know if you remember, but on Thanksgiving Day, Josh had his Cub Scout Turkey Shoot and didn't do so well with the BB Gun. So, Grampa brought his BB Gun and they really had a good time shooting targets.

Josh really needed Grampa's advice and loved learning how to shoot properly. In the end, he was hitting the targets, water bottles and tin cans every time!

Yesterday we had a snow day here in Georgia. It started to snow Thursday after school. The boys went out and played in the snow for quite some time! Friday we had a light dusting on the ground (and it's still there), but since the roads were covered in ice, they canceled school.

The boys played outside in the snow most of yesterday morning. But as they soon discovered, while snow is fun to play in, it's also cold and when it melts in your hands, your mittens get soggy!

I have some video of Josh shooting and the boys playing in the snow. I'll try to figure out how to upload it. I got a new video camera for Christmas and it's very cool!

For the new year, I will try my best to be more diligent in updating the blog! I sort of slacked off last year a bit... sorry! I promise I will try and do better this year!
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