Friday, March 12, 2010

Sam's Artwork

This morning Sam asked me for some paper so he could draw a picture, so of course I gave it to him.

I left him happily drawing away while I took Josh to the bus stop (relax, I didn't leave him home alone, Rich was here). When I came home, he showed me is drawings. I couldn't believe how fantastic they were.

Keep in mind, he's FIVE! And he drew these without looking at a picture or the TV!

He drew these picture of the SpongeBob gang --

SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton & Squidward

SpongeBob is small, then there's Patrick, Plankton and Squidward. He then said, "Oh, Plankton only has one eye!"

SpongeBob with Krusty Krab hat on

SpongeBob with his Krusty Krab hat on.

Mr. Krabs

My favorite one, Mr. Krabs -- with money in his claws!

Then he turned on SpongeBob and drew Plankton properly - with one eye...


This is Plankton (actually there are 2 Plankton's), the computer WIFE he has and some controls.

Amazing isn't it!

And earlier this week, he gave himself some body art.

Body art

He drew with markers all over his hands, arms and legs. He also got new glasses so I told him to model them for me so I could get the body art picture. He didn't want me to take one because he thought people would laugh at him!

I just had to share his artwork! I'm absolutely amazed at how good these pictures are! He's only 5 and he can draw better than me! I guess he gets his artistic talent from his Aunt Katy, Auntie Liz and Uncle Will!


  1. Wow, he did a really good job!

    And as for the body art, I am not laughing, but rather the mom in me is shaking her head. :)

  2. Great art drawing for a five year old kid! Your son is very talented and I'm sure he will grow up to be very good in arts. Congrats to you mom!!

  3. Fabulous! Sometimes children flourish more without us guiding them. Normally when we step in and offer suggestions, the artistic/imaginative moment is gone. My Girls are 13 now and I still manage to spoil the moment by butting in! Must remember to keep my mouth shut!

  4. No laughing just reassured me that I am not going mad. It is normal for them to draw on themselves and while I am shaking my head, at least it isn't permanent marker...or is it? LOL


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