Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Post

We had a great Christmas this year. We spent Christmas day by ourselves again this year. We tried to make it nice and quiet and relaxing. We went to the Gallagher's' house for dinner so we didn't have to worry about burning the turkey or anything either! It certainly takes a bit of stress out of Christmas when you don't have to cook! Josh just wanted to open presents! Sammy quickly learned that presents had toys and such in them and has only just stopped asking for more!

Josh's favorite presents have to be his new PlayStation2 Games and the Nintendo GameBoy and the games (this was a life saver for the Florida trip!). Josh is in for a big shock when school starts next week and he's back to 1/2 hour of PlayStation a night and that's only if all his chores are done! Sam's favorite presents were any and all of them!

My friend Linda Leigh was kind enough to let us use her condo in Perdido Key, Florida. It's right on the Florida/Alabama border -- Gulf Shores area. Hurricane Ivan went right through there in 2003 and there was still a bit of construction/repairs, but it looked to be fully recovered.

The beach was amazing! We got out to the beach every day, took walks and played in the sand. Rich managed to make one of his famous "sand vehicles" for the boys -- this time it was a boat, but when it was through, the boys decided it looked more like a rocket ship! Of course the boat-rocket didn't last long with Sam around! It soon became a big pile of sand with a moat and "Henry's Tunnel" (from Thomas the Tank Engine).

Even though it was too cold to go swimming, it didn't stop the boys from getting their feet wet!

So, school starts next week and it's back to the grind stone! We're looking forward to 2007 and all it has to offer us.

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