Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mother's Intuition

I should have known something was up.

Josh only ate 1/2 his Mac & Cheese for dinner on Friday.

Saturday, he complained he had a head ache. I told him it was probably the 5 hours of PlayStation2, Computer and Game Boy he'd been playing that day.

Sunday, was cold and windy so we couldn't go out side. Of course, not wanting Josh to be on the PlayStation/Computer all day (which he would do if we let him), we forced convinced Josh to come to Books-A-Million for a bit so Sam could play with the train table and so we could browse around.

It was pretty clear by the time we left BAM he wasn't well. He started running a temp and by the evening he was pretty shot. When he started throwing up, I knew he wasn't going to school on Monday!

On a whim, I decided to take him to the doctor's office, fully expecting them to tell me it was viral, but lo and behold -- Strep Throat. Glad I took him!

We got the drugs and he's happy as a clam today! He can go back to school tomorrow.

He had a great day today. We went to his class this morning after dropping Sam off at school so I could pick up his homework. When we got home we spent an hour doing the work he'd missed at school yesterday and today. He did really well and even said to me, "This is what home school is like, right Mom?" Yeah, right!

Even though he was sick, it was nice to have some Mommy-Joshie time!

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