Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who Do You Love?

Last night before the kids went to bed they had their nightly "Energy Release" -- which means they run up and down the upstairs hallway screaming and bumping into each other, getting caught in the "tickle trap" (Daddy) and falling down when ever they feel like it.

Nothing like some nice "quiet time" before going to bed.

As we do every night, after Sam goes to bed, Josh is allowed to stay up for 1/2 and hour and play his PlayStation. Last night I lost track of time was being extra nice and let him play 15 minutes past his bed time.

What a nice Mom I am... Right?

Well, as I'm putting him to bed he tells me that he loves Daddy most, me second and Sammy 3rd.

What? He loves Daddy most? I said "You mean you love us all the same, right?"

Josh: "Oh, yeah. I love you all the same. But I love Daddy just a tinsy tiny bit more."

Me: "Is that because he plays with you and all I do is yell?"

Josh: "No, it's because I don't' see him as much."

Me: "Okay. I know you really love us all the same. Good night" kisses, cuddles.

2:02 AM!!!!

Josh comes into our room complaining that his legs hurt. I tell him to go potty and then we'll go have a cuddle in his room and I'll rub his legs. Next thing I hear is him crying on the potty. His tummy hurts and he needs me to hold his hand.
He Needs Me! I'm thinking at this point maybe he does love me as much as he loves Daddy.

So we go to his room, I get in bed with him and rub his legs until he falls asleep. I go back to my room and get in bed and lay awake for 30 minutes.

He woke me up because he really DOES love Daddy more and he's letting Daddy get the full nights sleep, not Mommy!

(Or maybe Daddy paid him off.)

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