Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Funny Boy

Okay, just a funny story about dinner last night. Sam has FINALLY decided to start eating (insert Halleluiah Chorus here). After 1 year of basically boycotting food all together, we can now manage to get him to eat, takes some effort, but hey, why knock it when he's eating!

Anyway, last night at dinner, I hear, "Choo Choo... Here comes Henry" and I look down... he's got an apple slice turned upside down so the hole where the core was cut out looks like a "tunnel" and he's pushing pieces of dinner through it.

Very cute, quite funny. Continue eating.


I look over to Sam and he has a piece of broccoli in one hand pressed to his left shoulder and he's rocking it back and forth.

Me: "What are you doing?"

Sam: "Cuddle broccoli"

Me: "You're cuddling your broccoli?"

Sam: "Yes Mommy, cuddle broccoli"

Of course, what else do you do with broccoli?

Crazy kid.

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