Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What does this button do?

We had a 4-hour power outage last week simply because it was Friday -- we love Georgia Power! Makes life so much fun! Of course this happens as I'm trying to get Sam out the door to Scottish Rite for his annual renal ultrasound (he did great!). Luckily Rich was home and figured out how to open the garage door!

Anyway, as I was resetting all the clocks I took the opportunity to trade my cheap alarm clock with Josh's better one. Thinking there's no way he'll notice (yeah, right).

On Friday and Saturday nights, Rich and I feed the kids earlier and then we have our dinner after the kids are in bed -- sort of like a "date" without the expense of baby sitters or eating out! Anyway, I put the kids to bed while Rich made dinner. Josh goes to bed with a walkie talkie -- in case he needs to "tell us something." So, I put Josh to bed go down stairs for dinner.

Josh via walkie talkie: "Mom, can I have my old clock back?"

Me via walkie talkie: "Not now, go to bed."

Quiet for 2 minutes...

Josh: "How do I stop the music?"

Rich and I look quizzically at each other? "What did he just say?"

Josh: "What button turns off the music?"

I go upstairs and the radio is on. He says, "I pressed the sleep button and I can't get the music to stop."

"Why did you press the sleep button Josh?"

"I thought it would help me sleep."

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