Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins (2nd cousins really)

Laughing with Luke

Josh and Luke being boys

Apparently, Josh and Luke had a great time together. It's too bad they live so far apart... I think they'd be really good friends if we lived closer together!

Josh said the best part of the trip to England was playing with Luke!

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  1. They look like they had a blast together. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy WW!

  2. Yep that's a boy for ya, best part of a place like London was playing with a boy in the house, LOL.

  3. They look like they are having so much fun! Love the laughing photo!

  4. I love watching kids play... espcially cousins that don't get to see each other... I won't worry about mine being "so far" away anymore!!

  5. I can't wait til my 2 boys are older so they can play like that!

  6. What cuties! It's great that they get along so well.

  7. That is really great! I love their easy smiles and the curls next to the shaved head!

  8. Wow, in the 1st pic they look so much alike! Glad they got along really well, and makes me miss my own the giggly pic~!

  9. they look so fun together! :) i bet they'd be a barrel of trouble!!! i love the pic with them laying in the floor :) maybe they can be pen pals.

    ...and on a side note, whatever happened to a's, b's, and c's? school grades are so confusing these days!


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