Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Potty Training Update

Everyone is asking for an update on the potty training, so I'm going to Jinx it and post an update!

Sam is doing really well! He "got it" yesterday and today did not want a nappy or pull up on to go to school. He had no accidents on Monday and only one today (and that was a #2)!

But, since he still hasn't told me he has to go, I was a bit reluctant to send him to school in just big boy pants, but I did anyway... along with extra pull ups, nappies, several changes of underwear and clothes... seriously, I sent along about 4 outfits for a 3 hour school day. I'm sure his teachers think I'm nuts.

I just knew he was going to have an accident while at school. But nope! He peed 3 times at school and tried to go several other times. Luckily, being the age, the other 4 kids (all girls) are potty training too so it wasn't too bad for the teachers!

After Josh got home, we went to the playground in big boy pants! And had no accidents there either!

My friend Sherry met us at the playground with her 2 boys and brought a little "Throne" potty that makes a "ta da" noise when the child pees into the potty. She gave it to us and when we got home from the playground Sam went pee pee on it and thought the music was the greatest thing ever! I was making dinner and in 45 minutes, Sam had his pants off and was "trying" to go potty about 5 times!

The funny part was watching him try to put the pants back on! He would sort of get it right about half the time!

So, hopefully tomorrow this royal potty thing will have done the trick (that and the jelly bean bribe reward)!

Okay, now I've jinxed it. But we had 2 really good days! Fingers crossed for #2 in the potty tomorrow!

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