Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Further Proof that Josh is a Genius...

Only kidding of course, however, the following conversation took place at the playground this afternoon. I know I'm bragging, but it's my right as a mother.

The Players:

Josh: Kindergartner, just turned 6.

Daniel: 2nd Grader, 8 1/2

Scene: Playground swing set

Daniel: I'm smarter than you.

Josh: Really? I'm pretty smart.

Daniel: I'm in 2nd grade and you're only in Kindergarten.

Josh: Well, I know how much 1 billion is plus 1 billion is, do you?

Daniel: Josh, I'm only in 2nd grade! We don't learn that until 3rd grade, so ask me then okay?

Josh: It's 2 billion. I'm good at math. I even know how much 10 + 9 is! It's 19!

Daniel: Really? Cool. But do you know how much 9 + 10 is?

Josh (laughing): Yes, it's 19! And, I know how much 99 + 9 is too!

Daniel: No you don't!

Josh: Yes I do. It's 108.

Daniel: No, it's 109!

Mom's voice from afar: No Daniel, Josh is right, it's 108!

Daniel: REALLY?

Cut scene: Girl rides by on bicycle

Boys (in unison): Girl Alert, Girl Alert!

Honestly, this was the conversation!

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