Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Life With a Constipated Toddler

So, the car rides to and from Chattanooga today were interesting. As was lunch.

As you know, Sam has been potty training and been doing GREAT! Except for #2. The poor kid hasn't had a bowel movement since last Wednesday. Needless to say, he's been a bit cranky.

On the way, to the Aquarium, he wanted to watch Finding Nemo to "get in the mood." Most of the way up he was fine. Until we got about 20 minutes away, then he wanted to watch Baby Einsteins. With our DVD player, I can't change the DVD while driving. It's impossible to do. So, I told him he'd just have to suffer. This was sort of okay for him, but he wasn't happy.

He did wonderfully at the Aquarium and 80% of lunch. Then it began.

"I have to go pee pee." So we went. And I'm by myself with the boys so this means abandoning our table, grabbing my purse, but leaving sippy cups and toys so the wait staff does not think we've done a runner, going to the restrooms, and doing our business.

The first time, all was good.

The second time, no luck for Sam. Just sat and nothing. We got back to the table and immediately, "I have to go pee pee."

"Tough kid." We ordered dessert.

I asked for the check and some water for Josh (he's obsessed about drinking water after he eats so as not to get a cavity... that's another story....).

Sam is quickly approaching melt down mode because he has to go potty. The waiter is no where to be seen with our check! I gather up our stuff, trudge off to the potty, thankfully he goes, we trudge back and the waiter is complaining to the hostess that we're not there anymore. He thinks we've done a runner! I hand him my credit card and apologize and explain our "emergency."

But really, he was taking an awful long time -- I mean, we ate our dessert, waited before getting us all packed up, got to the loo, did our business (which is NOT quick) and the waiter was just getting to our table with the check as we were returning! Apparently, he has no kids and is not used to waiting on families with them!

We get to the car, Sam says he wants Thomas, but sees Nemo as I'm pulling it out and insists on Nemo. "Are you sure Sam?" "Yes, Nemo."

10 minutes down the road, "I want Thomas! I don't want Nemo!" "Sorry Sam, I can't change it now. I'll change when we stop." "I want Baby Einsteins!" "Sorry Sam" This continued off and on for I don't know how long.

Finally we stop because Mommy needs a break and a coke to keep me going. Sam asks for Thomas, I put Tomas in, that lasts for 15 minutes before he wants Baby Einsteins! There is no helping a tired, constipated 2 year old!

We finally get home and he continues his, "I have to pee pee" routine every 5 minutes. But, I know he really has to go, he just can't. This has been our bed time routine for the last 5 days as well.

"Okay, boys, dinner is on the table."

Sam, "I have to go pee pee."

Me, frustrated and tired, "Okay Sam, just go."

Sam, "Okay!" Goes over to the royal potty and I hear "Ta-da-da-da" twice! Finally, he has gotten the rocks that were clogging his bum!


***I am sorry if this post is a bit boring and if you are all bored to tears with me talking about Sam's potty training. I swear, I am most probably done! Thank you for putting up with me!

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