Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Horseback Riding

Well, we've been at Grandmother and Grampa's for a few weeks and I finally got access to update my blog! And now that I've finished Harry Potter, I've got more time....
Last week Grandmother had to go out to the stable where she keeps her horse, so we brought the boys and a bag of apples to feed them!
When we got out there, Sam was excited and ready to feed and pet all the animals. Josh's face tells all about how he felt about it!

My mom's horse, Celesa, is the horse with the blue fly-mask on. Here we are throwing apples over the fence to the horses.

We were very lucky -- one of the horses had a foal that was about 2 months old.

We got to pet the little baby foal -- her name is Esperanza.

Even though Josh was a bit scared apprehensive at first, he still managed to pet the little foal.

And, Josh even got excited when we were told they could RIDE one of the horses! That perked him right up! He even managed to take his hand away from his nose (he didn't like the stable smell!) This is the boys watching as the horse they were going to ride, Benita, got warmed up.

And here is Sam's first horseback ride -- in picture:

And on video:

And here is Josh on horseback:

and the video:

And I just love this picture of Josh watching Benita get warmed up for them to ride....

Next up: Fishing!

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