Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Backyard Camping

We had a great time this past weekend.

On Friday, Josh had his last swimming lesson of the year. He did great! He swam 6 lengths (3 laps) of our 25 yard/meter pool. The first lap was free-style, then butterfly (!!!), back and breast strokes. And a final lap (up and back) in free style. It wasn't pretty, and he did have to stop, but he did it! His teacher is the swim team coach and told him to join the swim team next year! So Josh is very excited about the prospect of being on the swim team!

Saturday, Josh had his Soccer end of season party. He and Daddy went along for Hot Dogs and some fun and games. It was at 11:00 -- very hot and humid so they didn't stay long, but according to Josh it was fun! There were games for the kids, hot dogs, trophies, the usual...

In the afternoon, we went swimming. Of course.

On Sunday, Josh and Rich put up the tent while Sam was napping. Our intent was to go swimming, come home, have a BBQ with the boys and then let the boys "camp" in the back yard.

Well, when we got home from the pool, right about the time we were supposed to have the BBQ, the heavens opened and it began to pour! So we ate inside. One cool thing... just as we were finishing dinner I looked up and out our back window and saw a deer walking through our yard. Way cool!

Once dinner was over the rain (temporarily) stopped so the boys went out to play in the back yard and in the tent.

As you can see from the pictures, the boys had fun.

They said it was a clubhouse and the password to enter was, "No Girls Allowed" and when Daddy said, "Mommy's not a girl! She's Mommy!" they changed the password to "No Girls or Mom's Allowed."

I was crushed so I went inside and enjoyed the peace and quiet and sulked!

It rained again after the boys were in bed. But, the three of them decided that when the weather gets cooler, they will definitely spend the night out in the tent! Or some of the night! Or play again and sleep inside.

Tomorrow we have big plans for the 4th. We're going to our neighborhood fireworks display. Should be fun as it's supposed to be nice weather -- not nearly as humid or rainy as the last 4 years! But we will have to wait and see.... this is Georgia after all!

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  1. Camping in the backyard is the best, especially when mom is not allowed! ;)


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