Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Next week I'm meeting one of my favorite bloggers. Elizabeth over at Table for Five is bringing her family over to my parents' house for the day.

And now, she's just given me another award! (She gave me the Elizabeth Thinks I Rock award earlier this year...)

It's so sweet of her to think of me! Now, I have to award this to five women bloggers that I think Rock.

First, Charlene over at Crazedparent. Because she does rock. Check out her posts from Ladies Rock Camp, where she used an old Rick Springfield guitar. That truly does ROCK!

Second, my friend JamieLee from Maya's Mom. While she doesn't have a blog, her journals on Maya's Mom are always wonderful to read. She has a gift for writing that is truly amazing. They make you think. They make you laugh. They can make you cry. But they are always worth reading.

Third, another Maya's Mom friend, Sheila (aka Kiki36) over at her blog My Memories. She has great things to say at Maya's Mom and I really like reading her stuff too. And I just realized she tagged me for a me-me while I was on vacation and it's still waiting to be done! Oops...

Fourth would have to be BusyMom. For some reason I find her journals funny. I guess we have the same warped sense of humor.

Last, but not least, Heather from TraubTribe. Another Maya's Mom friend. She's funny, she's crazy, she's all over the place. She always has good advice for me and I hope to meet her in person (as with all those mentioned above) one day!

So now, each of them has to go spread the love and award five people! Good luck! It wasn't easy! There are so many good blogs out there!!

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