Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fishing with the Grandparents

We are home from Grandmother and Grampa's now, but while we were out there we had heaps of fun! I've already posted about our adventures Horseback Riding. That was lots of fun and Josh is now talking about taking lessons next year!

We also went fishing while we were out there. My dad (Grampa) belongs to a hunting/fishing club out in Metamora, Michigan. It's a beautiful place with lots of land. I know there are a lot of pictures on this one, sorry... I took 155 of them that day and think they are all wonderful!

Picking out his fishing pole.

Stylish new hats?

All set and ready to go catch some fish!

There is a lake for fishing, which we had to go out on!

The fishing from the boat was a huge success! We only caught sunnies, but they were quick to bite so we got lots of them. We did throw them all back, none of us were too keen to eat them! Josh even caught one on an artificial lure -- a nice bright pink "worm"! We were using real worms for most of the fishing!

Also at the club there are trout ponds. You're not always guaranteed a bite, but your odds are better than average out there.

How many people can say their Grandmother taught them how to fish? Josh is one lucky boy! Grandmother AND Grampa fish! (Sam is too, but his attention span was a bit short this time around!)

Josh caught three big trout which we kept. He actually caught four, but the first one "got away!" Now we tell him he can tell stories about the one that got away. He did really well. Trout are quite hard to land because they like to jump.

Fish #1 -- The smallest -- notice that Josh does not want to get too near?

Fish #2 -- the middlest -- he's getting closer to the fish!

Fish #3 -- The biggest! And barely afraid of it!

My mom and dad got the fish on the line and then Josh landed the fish. My dad was there with a net to make sure no others got away!

Josh, proud of his fishing efforts!

Sam tried to fish but quickly lost interest. He was okay on the boat for about 1 minute, and then he was ready to go in! And at the pond he lost interest after the first cast!

The nice thing about fishing at my parent's club, not only will they clean the fish for you, but they will also cook it for you....

Here's lunch! The three trout that Josh caught with smashed potatoes and green beans in lemon butter sauce! As Josh said, "It's the best fish I ever caught!" It was tasty!!!!

After lunch the boys got to play with L. C. -- my dad's English Setter that is out at the club for "Summer Boot Camp" (to get ready for hunting season). The great thing about this is, my parents have 2 dogs, L.C. and a Gordon Setter named Tess. The boys were scared to death of these dogs last year and never warmed up to them. This year, it took about 3 days and the boys were in LOVE with L.C. and Tess! They missed L. C. when she went away!

So, it was a successful day of fishing. Sam even fell asleep in the car on the way home! Big surprise!

More fun with Grandmother and Grampa coming up next!


  1. I linked here from couldawouldashoulda. Your comment cracked me up. Your trip sounds a lot like one we took in October of last year. And we're getting ready to embark on another this weekend -- with a 2 year old and a 4.5 year old! We MUST be nuts! I've enjoyed your site.


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