Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Fun At Grandmother & Grampa's

So, as you all know from the previous two posts, the boys and I spent most of July with my parents.

Most of the time, we just spent hanging out doing fun summer time stuff with Grandparents. Not only did we go fishing and horseback riding we were very busy doing other things too!

There are so many really good pictures, I can't possibly post them all! If you visit my Flickr page, you'll see all sorts of pictures from our time there!

Of course, the first thing the boys did when we got there was check the fairy circle. Now, the Fairy Circle is in my parent's neighbor's yard (the neighbors are Abba Kate and Pappa Don). The fairies will leave all sorts of things for good boys and girls. Sometimes it's glow sticks, or goggles for the pool, other times it's snacks, you just never know. Some days, the fairies won't leave anything, but other days they may leave more than one thing.

We went swimming, a lot in Pappa Don's pool! The water was wonderful once again this year (but when is it not really?).

Josh learned to ride a 2-wheeler with no training wheels (he could do it a bit before but really got his confidence up and can really get going now!)

We played with a lot of Trains! Grampa has a really nice set with Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy, and he has the Polar Express too! We sometimes mixed it up and let the Polar Express carry Annie & Clarabel! Crazy, I know! We went to Lionel Trains in Clinton Twp, MI (again) for a tour. Very cool!

The kids ran through the sprinklers more times than I can count! Sometimes, they even got to stay up late and run through them after their baths (which were few and far between while on vacation!)

They helped Grampa put up the flags, and take them down...

The learned to love both of Grandmother and Grampa's dogs, L.C. the English Setter and Tess, the Gordon Setter (and the neighbor's dogs too).

We met lots of new friends. And reaquianted ourselves with old ones. I don't have pictures of all of them. My parents have a neighbor with a granddaughter Josh's age who also LOVES Pokemon! They played for hours and we were sad to say goodbye to Haley until next year! I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth from Table for Five.

Two of my sister's girls came up for a week and we had heaps of fun with them. We did more of the above, swimming, playing, goofing off and general merriment!

My sister came with the rest of her crew (dog and all) the last weekend. We got to meet my youngest niece for the first time too! Sam fell in love with her and wanted to "pet" her every chance he got!

We had a great time with everyone together! My brother and his wife were not able to make it to the little party my parents had, but we did get to catch up with them earlier. The whole family seems to be doing well. We're all healthy and happy!

So, another trip to Grandmother & Grampa's was a success! We can't wait until next year when we visit Michigan again!


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  1. Are you nieces wearing south african wear..i forget the label name...


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