Thursday, August 23, 2007

Love Thursday: The Anniversary Edition

Yesterday was our anniversary.

And true to form, things did NOT go as planned... but at least Rich's work was not to blame this time!

My morning was great! At breakfast, before Josh went to school he whispered across the kitchen, "Hey Dad! After Danny Phantom, let's go get Mommy some flowers!!" Of course I heard. He "whispered" so long I think the guys in the space station heard him. But, Daddy told him to "shh!" and they put their heads together and came up with "a secret!"

Of course Josh had to tell Sam the "secret" and let's face it -- 2 year olds are not exactly Fort Knox when it comes to keeping "secrets!" Sam immediately ran to me and said, "Mommy! I have a secret to tell you!" I managed distract him long enough for him to forget... And that's not difficult either... "Hey, where's Thomas?" usually does the trick.

It was Sam's first day of school so I met a friend at a coffee shop and just gabbed the morning away until it was time to pick him up. It was refreshing to be without kids for a few hours. So that was nice.

We got a new HDTV last week and the satellite people were scheduled to come today between 1:00 - 5:00 to install the new HD equipment. They had a four hour window to get here. We made plans so we would be here for the four hour window. At 5:30 they called to say they were "on the way." Guess what time they showed up?


We still had not eaten, we were waiting for them to leave so we could enjoy our evening. They left at 8:30 and not everything was done adequately, there was trash all over our drive this morning, the old dish was left on the drive, boxes all over, cigarette butts all over, the old dish bracket is still on the roof along with trash. Trash. On. The. Roof.! We were on the phone to the satellite company about 3 times last evening trying to get the stuff "set up." But we're good now and trying not to dwell on what idiots those guys were.

Anyway, I digress... Before the boys ate dinner, they ran out to Publix for "the surprise." When they came home, the boys were both holding on to some yellow roses for me -- they had to do it together! And according to Josh, they looked for tulips but couldn't find any! Awww... He knows they're my favorite! And, they bought a few slices of cheese cake (Publix has great cheese cake!).

And after they left, I made dinner and we had a nice evening -- on the phone to the satellite company for some of it -- we started watching a new DVD -- Hot Fuzz. Very funny, but it was getting late so we'll watch the rest on Friday or Saturday.

So, although the satellite ordeal put a bit of a damper on the evening, all three of the boys made it a great anniversary. The joy and wonder and excitement that Josh and Sam had were all I needed. The look on their faces when they gave me the flowers reflected all the love I have for them and their father, right back to me.

And I have a babysitter for Saturday so we can celebrate again!


  1. Mmm Publix has the best Bakery and Hot Fuzz is a riot! You definitely need a do-over for the anniversary celebration!

  2. Wow, how awful about the satellite people! I would have been pretty mad.

    How sweet about the flowers :) Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! How sweet of the boys to get the flowers! Awwwwwwww, and tulips are my fav too : ) I hope you all had a great time at least Saturday night?


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