Thursday, August 9, 2007

Love Thursday

Today was very exhausting!

Yesterday the boys and I went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. (There are pictures up on Flickr) It's a really cool place and even with the "New Georgia Aquarium" just down the road from us in Atlanta, we still opt for the one in Tennessee. It's got a nice flow, it's not crowded and we're members so we've already "paid" to get in! LOL!

But, it is about 90 miles away so that's about an hour and a half in the car each way. It's not a bad drive, but still, it's a full day! (And for once, Sam did NOT fall asleep in the car! Pooh!)

Anyway, this post isn't about that! So, we had a full day yesterday and this morning we had to get up nice and early (ish) to go meet Josh's First Grade Teacher! EEEE!!! How Exciting!!!

The meet and greet is from 8:30 - 10:00 and you can take the bus or drive. We opted for the bus since parking is a pain. But with the bus you have to wait and stay for the whole thing and really, meeting the teachers and whatnot takes about 45 minutes (by the time you add in catching up with people, joining PTSA, getting your gear, etc...). So that left us 45 minutes to kill.

Then after we got home we had a quick bite and ran out to Target to pick up the extra bits on Josh's supply list that we just found out about today! So everyone was at Target picking up the "extra teacher requested bits..." Fun. But, no Nap for Sam... Two days running!

And did I mention Rich's got a deadline tomorrow so I'm a work widow this week? He's a zombie living in the basement barely showing his face for meals.

So it's all me with the kids this week. So today I was spent. Absolutely Exhausted.

All I wanted to do was order Pizza and open a bottle of Red -- but I have that silly "trying to loose weight thing" going so Monday - Thursday I try not to drink. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday! I was able to think to myself, "I'll wait until tomorrow and feel like I've earned my glass of vino!"

Okay, I digress... Anyway, as I was putting a very, very tired Sam to bed, I just kept thinking about all the stuff I needed to do still. My Maya's Mom inbox was full and I hadn't even checked my Google Reader to see what blogs I needed to catch up on... after being "out" for 2 days, there were a few! Plus, I was so tired but knew I had to do a run because I don't want to have to do one tomorrow. I want to enjoy Friday evening without that hanging over my head.

So, I'm putting Sam to bed, thinking about all this stuff I want to do and for goodness sake, he's tired why is he being like this? Oh, yeah, he's tired and 2. And he wanted long cuddles.

Then, I remembered it was Love Thursday.

Then, I remembered he's only 2.5 and he won't be this way for long.

Then, I asked him if he wanted tummy cuddles (he likes to lay on my tummy and it usually really relaxes him and if he's being difficult it makes it easier to get him to calm down).

And I lay there on my back with my sweet little angel laying on my tummy completely content and relaxed and I enjoyed the cuddle. Knowing days like this and moments like this are far too few to be rushed and savored.

Happy Love Thursday Everyone!


  1. awwww....I LOVE the tummy cuddles :)

  2. OMG! Monkey loves tummy cuddles too! Ever since he was a baby he has loved to lay on my tummy. Isn't it the cutest thing in the world?! He will often fall asleep there :)

    We made a trip to the Natural History Museum today, and I think we're both exhausted! I was just thinking to myself that I don't remember getting this tired to soon in the day. Must be age! LOL!

    Great pics too!

  3. When we are so busy, it is easy to forget to stop and enjoy the little things. I miss those sweet times when my son was younger and would come and give me a hug, a kiss and tell me he loved me. Now he's 12 and the most cuddling he wants is when I tuck him into bed, he pats my back and I pat his. Enjoy this time while it lasts! :)


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