Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

It's My Moment Wednesday over at Maya's Mom.

Every night (okay, every other night we have eczema issues) after dinner and before bed I give the boys a bath. And since I have 2 kids to bathe, I give them a bath together. I'm sure you can envision the total chaos that descends on our house about 5:45-6:00 as I'm attempting to get the kids stripped and in the bath. The term "circus" does not do it justice.

Since Josh's been back to at school he's been coming home FILTHY!!!! Hair plastered to his head from the heat and sweat. Disgusting. So he's needed a bath every day.

Yesterday Josh took a shower all by himself for the first time.

He was so proud of himself.

Today when he took his shower (while Daddy watched to make sure he did it properly) I was giving Sam a bath in an other bathroom.

I was glad to only have to bathe one child, and I think Sam was glad to have the whole bath to himself -- Josh usually treats the bath as his personal whirlpool and gives Sam barely a corner to sit. The circus element was really contained to a slight "party in the hall."

However, as I was washing Sam, I was really sad. I realized that Josh is growing up right before my eyes. He's turned into a wonderful boy. Not little boy, a boy.

I know the novelty of the shower will wear off and soon enough it will be me nagging him to either "get in the bath" or "get in the shower" and the circus element will return to town, but still, it made me a bit sad because my little boy needs me a bit less!

So, before he went to bed today, I made sure to give him an extra long cuddle on the couch.

I took this picture from my new phone! I'm so excited about it! It's the little things that keep me amused!


  1. They really do grow up so fast! I don't really think that they need us less as they get older, just the ways that they need us changes. This coming from a mom who can't believe her "baby" just turned 10!

    [and I like the new lay-out]

  2. LOL! I luv this pic! My son is 20 now, and man, I really can't believe it. It seems like yesterday he took that first shower alone! How precious are these 'firsts'! What a sweet post, thanks 4 sharing : )


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