Friday, August 17, 2007

Dog Days of August

Things have been slowly getting back to "normal" lately, and by normal I really mean "controlled chaos" as usual.

Josh is settling into his first week of school and we're gearing up for Sam to start next week. It's been a strange sort of twilight zone week. Nothing bad has happened. We had some colds and sore throats and Josh missed his 2nd day of school, but you know, nothing really weird. It just feels a bit twilight-y around here. It's like getting ready to finish a chapter in your book and start on the next one.

I think it's the summer winding down. We had a great summer! Full of lots of trips, meeting lots of new people, swimming, riding bikes and all sorts of fun. August is nearly over and with it the summer is coming to a close. And with it, a bit of normalcy returns.

Josh is really excited about school and Sam cries when the bus comes everyday because he wants to go to school with Josh. In fact, Sam has to wear his backpack to the bus stop too. Next week Sam, next week!

I'm anxious for cooler weather and the fall. We'll be able to go outside and play at the playground after school -- something that is always fun for us all! The weekends we can go back to some of our favorite parks and the State Park that is just up the road from us.

Forget the New Year. The start of school and September always brings to mind the hope of what will happen this (school) year. It's like starting all over again in the middle of the year! What will the kids learn? How will they like school? Will their teachers be nice, strict, fun? And their classmates? What will they be like?

Who knows? But I'm excited to find out!

Here's to a happy, healthy, full of fun Fall and school year for both the boys.


  1. I know what you mean! It's a mixed bag of emotions for me!

  2. You summed it up for me as well. My oldest (four) will go for five days a week this year for preschool and I think that I am more nervous than he is. He's ready to go NOW.

    If I could only convince his school to let his 10-month-old brother come with him!

  3. Mimi, I gave you an award on Table for Five, please stop by to see what it is!

  4. So... I don't think I realized you were in ATL.

    E-mail me, okay...



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