Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

I know. It's not Wednesday. But better late than never!

Things are quite exciting around here this week. School starts on Monday and today we got Josh's class/teacher assignment. He's excited because he knows several people in his class and one of his best friends from the playground is in his class too! He's very excited!

Today we went to the school and met his teacher and his class. It was all very excited. The buzz in the air as we visited with old friends, visited his new class and even dropped by his old Kindergarten class to say hi.

I belong to a local mom's group and the message board has been very active with "First Time Kindergarten" mom's. I read their posts about what is going on and what to expect and it's all so familiar to me. And in the halls today, the new Kindergarteners and their parents were easy to spot. So full of excitement like everyone else, but a different kind of excitement than those who have "been there" before.

I remember not knowing anything about Josh getting on the bus last year. How the initial days of school go, what to bring, what to expect, how does this happen, or that happen... so many questions for first time kindergarten moms! And so much excitement, not just for the kids but for us, the parents too.

When your oldest child goes to Kindergarten, it's like the parents are starting Kindergarten too. There's a whole Freshman parent thing going on. You rely on the other parents who have been there before to help out, show you around, appease your fears.

And as a sophomore parent this year, I do my best to help out, answer questions, allay the fears and anxieties of the other parents.

But I know no matter what, I can't take that anxiety away from the Freshman parents. Nor do I want to. It's a great feeling when you discover they will be okay and so will you.

Of course, I have my own too with Josh starting First Grade. The first real grown up grade with tests and grades and such. But I know he'll be fine because we made it through Kindergarten.

So My Moment this week was reveling in the beginning of the school year. Wondering what next week and next year will hold for all of us.


  1. I still get anxious with the start of every new school year and mine will be entering 7th and 5th grade respectively. It's great that some of Josh's friends will be in his class - that always helps things go easier. Crossing my fingers that my daughter has friends in her new class too!

  2. Very exciting, indeed.

    My boys will be in grades 5, 3, K. I remembering being a total nervous wreck about my oldest son when he started preschool, then kindergarten, then first grade.

    It's fun to just relax and enjoy it and know what to expect with the younger ones!

    First grade is a big change from kindergarten! Now he starts REAL school!


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