Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love Thursday: Brought to you today by Sam

Today is Love Thursday over at Maya's Mom. I thought I'd share some funny Sam-ism from just today...

While playing in the play room with the Shake & Go Racers and other toys, "No Doc! Be careful! There's an elephant on the track! AAAHHH! Crash!!!"

While in the car driving, he had his stuffed dog (named Tess after my parents' Gordon Setter), "Mom, is this Tess's butt? Yes? No... this is Tess's butt! Hahahahahaha"

Going upstairs to have a nap, "Mommy I have boogers. I need a tissue. Did you have boogers when you were a little boy?"

After his nap, cuddling me, "Mommy, I'm a picklepotamus." (yes he sure is!)

After he was put to bed for the night, "Mommy! You need to come quick! There are monsters in the room... They're over there.... no, over there... quick, they need to go home!"

Now, tell me, what's not to love about that little picklepotamus?


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