Friday, September 21, 2007

Cake Walk King

The PTSA at Josh's school had their annual family picnic and movie night tonight.

Josh and I went for a while -- Daddy and Sam stayed home because Sam's given up his naps and the picnic didn't start until Sam's bedtime.

With each PTSA membership, we were given a few "freebies." Among them two chances on the cake walk.

Guess who won on both his goes...

Cake Walk King

The first time he chose "Chewy M & M Brownies" and the second time he chose Publix Carrot Cake.

Next time, he gets to choose our lottery numbers!


  1. What are the odds?? He looks so excited!

    Can I borrow him??lol

  2. congrats to josh! :) he looks so proud.

    btw, finally got you added to my blogroll. :)


  3. Yeah for Josh! He looks so proud! What a cutie!


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