Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cock-a-doodle doo

My kids have always been early risers. And I don't mind really because I'm an early riser too.

I can clearly remember times when I was young getting up before the rest of the house and turning on the T.V. to watch Daktari or whatever came on the 4 channels we got early in the morning. I'm sure my parents were happy when I started sleeping a bit later.

And later, when I in high school and home from college in the summers, I'd spend the night with my best friend and she would sleep the day away until noon. I'd get up at 8:00 or so, have breakfast, read the paper, have a chat with her mom and dad and siblings and when she woke up, we'd get lunch and do whatever we did in those days.

Anyway, I digress. So my kids are early risers too. There have been days, especially before Josh learned to tell time, when our day started at 4:30 a. m. (gulp!). But those days seem to be behind us now. Josh has to get up for school at 6:00 so him being an early riser really does help in the school year. I don't have to drag him out of bed or give him time to "wake up" because he already is up and often dressed before my alarm goes off at 6:00.

It also works out well because they go to bed early at night. This gives Rich and me some time together with out the kids. We can watch what we want on T.V., listen to music, talk and on the weekends we generally eat when the kids are in bed and have a bottle glass or two of wine. It's nice. Sort of like a date only we don't go out.

So this morning at oh-dark-thirty when Sam started to scream in his room for me, I looked at the clock -- 5:10. Great. Too early to get up, too late to get him settled back down. I went into his room and he had wet the bed. I get him into the bathroom, strip the bed, make it up again with clean sheets and try to coax him into bed for another 30 - 45 minutes.

Of course all the hullabaloo woke Josh up. I sent Josh back to his room. I lay down with Sam to get him back to "resting" and go into my room under the delusion I will be able to get at least another 45 minutes of, if not sleep, rest.

No. Not going to happen. As soon as I'm back in bed, Sam starts crying for whatever reason. I get up, put him in Josh's room so the two of them can entertain each other. The relative peace that followed lasted approximately 3 and a half minutes!

I decided to cut my losses and get the boys up so at least one of us could pretend to sleep late.

I think this is what my parents would term "grandparents' revenge!"

Thankfully, it's my turn to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. my parents always talked about getting me back someday...we Troy does it for them! LOL!

  2. LOL! Both of my kiddos like to sleep we are a bit lucky. Unfortuately when they are awake it is GO TIME!

  3. OH man!! I am a night owl and getting up early is like torchure for me. Luckily, neither of my girls gets up before 7AM and sometimes even sleep in until 9AM!! Seriously - grandparents revenge for sure!!!

  4. LOL! I remember those days! Don't fret, before too long, you'll be sleeping in til 8!

  5. I am an early riser myself, but when the kids were younger, they got up too early. I am so glad that they sleep until 7:00 am now!

  6. "Grandparents' revenge" -- what a great phrase! I'm a morning person, and my son is, too. That seems like a contradiction in terms because he's 15. Aren't teenagers supposed to be night owls? Oh, well, his sister more than makes up for it.


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