Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

Yesterday was REALLY hectic! It was difficult emotionally and physically!

Today, didn't start out so great either...

Sam fell when we were on our way to drop Josh off at the bus stop. I know it's a shock that we actually WALK a WHOLE BLOCK to the bus stop! We live the farthest and we're the only ones that walk -- well except for the boy who lives in front of the bus stop -- that would be a bit rediculous!

Anyway, Sam fell and skinned his knee on the way to the bus stop this morning. It was a pretty hard fall and he was fairly skinned up.

But, since he went on the "Falling Tour of England" this summer -- seriously, he fell EVERYWHERE we went! All our pictures of Sam, he has skinned and bloody knees -- so you would think he used to it by now.

Oh NO!!

He "couldn't walk!!!!" I really did feel bad for him, I really did! In fact, I was just thinking I would have to take Sam in for x-rays (because, this has happened before), and I'd have to cancel my coffee date with a friend and then he'd be out of school....

Then Rich tricked him into walking -- they were "in a band" playing Rich's harmonica and pitch pipe. Very cute! Of course the minute it was time to go to school.... "Mommy! I can't walk!!!!"

Poor Me!

Looking pathetic!

I did have fun playing with him --

Me: Oh poor baby, you can't walk? Can you jump?

Sam would jump: NO! I can't jump either!

Me: Can you run?

Sam would run: NO! I can't run either!

I brought him to school anyway and wouldn't you know, he was fine all morning at school.

Of course when I picked him up it was back to the same old same old from this morning!


Cheese! The faker!

But by then, I'd had My Moment!

I met a friend for coffee and caught up on what ever it is we talked about. Then I went to the mall and bought some pretty clothes and they weren't T-Shirts!!!


  1. Poor Sam! When my son was six or seven, he was stung by a wasp at school. He didn't start crying until he saw me. They suck it up for everyone but mommy!

  2. Aww poor MAybe he just wanted more time with his precious Mommy. Thanks for sharing this I am going to have to post a pic of my Buddy when he was Sam's age because I swear to you they could be brother's lol. They look alot alike. Thanks again my friend. Hugs to both you and Sam. :) Angel

    p.s. I tried to comment your blog but had no google acct. I need to remedy that. I also need to create a blog of my own. lol. Thanks again!

  3. I love how they milk it. I could tell from the photos he was digging all the extra attention! Tell us if he still can't walk tomorrow;)

  4. Poor guy... SM's(my 5 year old) is a faller too. He constantly has skinned up knees. The other day he told me he "couldn't go on" after tripping on the curb. I about lost it.

    Kids are so funny.

  5. kids are something else....they hit on every sentimental bone in our for sharing your day and I am glad you got your moment!! You deserve it! Hugs Sissy

  6. Awww, poor Sam! He's so cute, with those glasses and that hair! What a doll! :)))

  7. Poor Sam, I love how he was fine at school and then need sympathy again at home. Too cute!

  8. Awwwwwww....poor sweetie! He's such a doll! I hate when my kids get/got hurt! Wish you could take the pain for them! They're so resilient! Glad he was fine at school, and hope his knees are better today!

  9. How sweet.

    My son use to do that too. He would limp around me and then a few hours later I would see him rough-housing. It's funny how kids know that moms have that soft-heartedness about them.


  10. Sorry to hear about the knee - but the story is amusing about tricking him and the pain returning as soon as he saw mommy ;) Glad you got in some friend and shopping time!

  11. Oh I've had those days , it seems like now their older not as much but I do remember them!

  12. ohhh dude, i hate it when that happens (skinned knee) and i LOVE it when that happens!!! (the coffee with a friend and cute clothes finds... that are not t-shirts!!!) GO MIMI! :)

  13. Poor Sam! I hope he's not starting a falling tour of Atlanta for the fall. :( Glad you got some time with your friend!


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