Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Memories

Summer Memories is the topic du jour at Maya's Mom.

I guess one of the great things about having a blog and attempting to keep it up to date is being able to look back at the things you've done over the summer and not think, "Holy Cow, where did the summer go?!"

Our summer started straight away, with a trip to England to see Rich's family and friends. We had some fantastic times as chronicled in several blogs in June. We braved the Cold English summer, gave our children some culture in London, caught up with family and friends, spent a week with Rich's family in Sandy Balls (you can stop laughing now) and wrapped up our time in a quaint country village in Surrey.

When we got home, we went to a Braves baseball game, Josh took swimming lessons and we celebrated the 4th of July.

Then, the boys and I spent three weeks at my parents' house. What fun that was! Fishing, horseback riding, meeting new friends, and just having fun!

We barely got back and it was time for school to start!

We were so busy this summer that sometimes I feel like it just got started and it's over already! Thankfully, the blog helps me to see where the time went! I know the boys had fun this summer too! I'm so thankful that we were able to do all the fun things we did!

But I guess what I will remember most is just spending time together as a family. Being together, not being rushed and being able to enjoy ourselves along the way! Life comes at you so fast, it's nice to be able to enjoy it while it's happening!

Thanks for a great summer everyone!


  1. Doing so much over the summer does seem to make it go by fast. But, that just means even more memories to cherish!

  2. Wow! You all did have a great, fun summer! Always nice to look back on, and you should scrapbook all those wonderful memories!

  3. I glad you all had a good summer! We did, too :)

    Did school start yet?


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