Thursday, June 14, 2007

2007 England Tour, Part 3

Friday, June 2nd was the first ever England game at the "New" Wembley stadium. It was a friendly match -- England v. Brazil but the whole country was very excited.

And, since there was football, we headed out to Rich's oldest (as in known the longest not age wise....) friend, Dean, in Aylesbury.

Dean, proudly sporting England's flag and jersey before the game.

Dean and Jo (his wife) put on a really nice BBQ, good company and lots of talking (mostly by their daughter Emma! LOL).

The boys fell in love with their dog Molly -- a really nice, very large Golden Labrador. Which is good since my parents have 2 large dogs too!

In the end, England drew 1-1 -- Brazil got a last minute goal in added time to tie it up. But, apparently, it was a good game! David Beckham had been recalled to the England squad and played well enough to play later a bit later in the Eur0 2008 Qualifier the next week.


We spent the night at Dean & Jo's, and spent a leisurely morning chatting and drinking tea. Then, we headed back to Nanny & Grandad's.

The boys played a bit in Nanny and Grandad's back garden.

Then we headed out to play at Ruislip Lido.

There was a playground on the beach with lots of play structures...

Josh found his favorite....

Then we had some ice cream (of course...)

Played in the sand a bit more,

One last climb on the climbing frame,
and headed back home to Nanny & Grandad's house.

If you've ever wondered what Sandy Balls is, stay tuned for part 4!

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