Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 England Tour, part 1

We arrived in London early Saturday morning (5/26). And for ONCE it was not raining when we landed! Yippee!

However, that situation soon remedied itself once we got to Nanny & Grandad's in Northolt!

Going to the library in the pouring rain!

We did manage to amuse our selves on the rainy Saturday by going to the library and to the local shops even though it was raining!

Sunday (5/27), we went up to a pub for lunch in Windsor to meet up with Rich's God-Parents.

Again, pouring rain and freezing cold! At least we were indoors!
While at the pub, the boys made friends with the publicans dog!

And, never to fear, we got a break in the rain and went out to Hayes to ride the trains!

About twice a month , the model HO Steam Train club has rides at the low low price of 20 pence a ride around the track. It's heaps of fun and the kids really enjoy it!

There were not many people there this weekend -- perhaps the rain kept them away?

Sam, Rich, Josh, Nanny, Grandad riding the trains!

On Monday (5/28), the weather was horrible! We went to Luton to visit friends up there. We had planned on going to one of the many parks around but since it was only 40 degrees, strong cold winds and pelting down rain, we had to choose an indoor activity.

We went to see the Shuttleworth Collection of air planes. It was really interesting! Seven or eight hangers filled with air craft, motorcycles, carriages and cars from early aviation, both World Wars and into the present. I foolishly, forgot my camera, so I wait for the link to our friend's pictures to post!

edited to add: Okay, here is the link to Ian's website with some pictures from our trip to Luton and the Shuttleworth Collection! Enjoy!

Tuesday (5/29), we met up with some more of Rich's parents friends and the weather actually brightened up enough for us to have a quick game of Cricket (this was a favorite past time this go-round!)

Josh and Sam playing cricket in the alley behind Nanny and Grandad's house.

Wednesday, we went swimming in the morning, and then Rich and I managed to go out on a date in the evening! We did a real "date" thing went to Pizza Express (very yummy) in Ruislip, our old stomping ground.

When we weren't off trudging around, the boys had fun playing at Nanny & Grandad's. They loved feeding the birds our left over toast from breakfast, crusts from lunch and whatever else the boys "decided" not to eat!

Another favorite past time: Watching the washing!

Sam was fascinated with watching the washing machine go around!

There is more to come! This is just a beginning! I think it's all I have in me for today!

I'll post more tomorrow!

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