Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Moment Wednesday

It's My Moment Wednesday over at Maya's Mom. Usually, I just update my journal with something but this week I decided to put it in my blog....

It's been a tough few days here at Casa J. Ever since school got out and we got back from England, it's been a challenge to keep the kids busy enough to not "be bored" but not too busy to be tuckered out. Josh has had swimming lessons, we've done the free movies, we've done Story Time... it's all about the kids! It's so hard to find a moment to myself, for myself! But every Wednesday, I look for ways to enjoy a moment. I know I don't have to wait until Wednesday, but it's a good reminder to "take a moment."

So anyway, it's been difficult this week. Sam, for some reason, has gone backwards in the potty training this week -- three night time accidents in one week, on Monday he wet himself three times and Tuesday he wet himself twice! It was enough for me to take him to the doctor to make sure all was okay -- and it is. They tested for UTI (negative), hormone imbalance (negative) and sugar/diabetes (negative). So, we've determined it's a "behavioral" issue! Great.

And, Josh's swim lessons are at Sam's nap time, so no naps this week or last for Sam! No naps means no down time for Mom! And tired boy in the evening!

So today, I was lucky to have several moments!

The first was this morning. All summer we have been telling Josh not to come in at 5:30-6:00 when he wakes up but to not bother us until 7:00. Well, today, when Sam woke up, Josh went and got him and they actually played nicely in Josh's room! I was awake because who can sleep through the noise, but still, they let me stay in bed! And when I heard Josh say, "Hey Sam, look it's 7:00, let's go get Mom!" I knew it was time to haul my arse out of bed!

Next, we went to the free movie at the AMC Theater. Today it was Happy Feet. Sam does okay, but not great at the movie and since it's a free movie, that's okay. There are lots of kids like him at the theater when it's "free." The boys and I had a great time just being together and watching the movie. We laughed at the funny parts, cuddled at the scarier parts and had lots of fun! It was so nice to have some time with the kids and not be yelling at them! LOL!

By the time the movie was over, we got home & had lunch it was time to fly out the door to swimming. Of course, once we got to the pool it started to thunder so we turned around to come back home. I wasn't that upset. I put Sam down to bed and had a run. It was so nice to get it done in the day when I have more energy and then I didn't have to worry about fitting it in later. Plus, Sam really needed his nap. When he woke up, we played trains for a bit and had some nice play time before I had to get supper ready!

So it was a nice day -- extraordinary compared to the other days this week. I had some time to myself and some time with my kids. And as I type this, Rich is reading HP and The Order of the Phoenix and we have baseball on in the background (Nationals 0 vs. Braves 12 in the 6th). Every once in a while one of us will look up and say something. It's nice to have a quiet moment together, enjoying each others company without needing to be interacting all the time. I love that man!

So, I know it's rambling and it's disjointed, but that's my moment today.

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