Friday, June 15, 2007

2007 England Tour, Part 4 -- Sandy Balls, Day 1

The second week we were in England, we went down to the New Forest . The New Forest is a very pretty region in the south of England. There are wild ponies roaming free. As we drove through, we had to stop/slow down for several horses and their foals. It was really cool.

We stayed in a really nice holiday resort / camp site called Sandy Balls (insert snickers here). Rich's sister has a massive RV that they can camp there. Plus there are cabins and campers to rent if you don't have your own. There are two swimming pools, play grounds, bike hire, paths for walking, and heaps of other things to do. It was perfect! Rich's whole family met up down there. I think all total, we were 16 people!

It was a great place. We had a 2 bedroom cabin all to ourselves.

With a nice view!

The first night we were there, Rich's sister Liz and her partner Brian had us over for a cook out.

Rich and Liz

The boys played football....

Liz's grandson Luke is Josh's age. He brought his scooter -- which was very popular....

....especially with Sam!

Sascha (niece), Josh, Sam & Luke (great-nephew)

Sam driving the RV

Who is that cute couple?

Actually, this is proof that I actually DID go on vacation!

Coming tomorrow -- Part 5: The Beach & Nanny's Birthday

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