Monday, June 25, 2007

The Home of the Braves

We went to a Braves baseball game on Saturday. The Braves were playing the Detroit Tigers so we were really excited.

The Braves are my "New" Home Team, but since I grew up in Detroit, I love the Tigers too... through thick and thin! So it didn't really matter to me who won the game! I was excited to go to Turner Stadium as well. I hadn't been yet -- my previous Atlanta Games were in 1993 when they played at the old Fulton County Stadium. Turner Field is very nice!

It was lots of fun. We did not bring the camera since we weren't sure if they were allowed (they are), so next time, we'll be sure to bring our camera!

It was an afternoon game, and the weather in Atlanta was hot with a chance of more hot! Thankfully, the humidity was low, but when the temp reaches 98F (36C), with no cloud cover, it's still hot!

We got to the game early so the boys could look around and pick out a little souvenir, have a hot dog, and look around a bit. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to find out it was Hat Day! So we all got Braves Hats -- the boys (well, Josh) was particularly excited because, as he said, he "always wanted an Atlanta Braves hat!"

After trying on our hats, we went straight to the gift shop (along with every other person at the stadium). Josh picked out a t-shirt with #25 Andruw Jones on the back. They didn't have any toddler-ware, so Sam picked out a stuffed animal, a Braves puppy dog. In the end they were very happy with their hats and Braves paraphernalia! And Josh has barely taken the t-shirt off long enough for me to wash it!

We went to our seats, up in the "nose bleeds" -- all the way up to the top row! But that ended up being the best place to sit. Not only were we in the shade from the overhang (woo hoo!) we were on an aisle with a little platform so Sam could "wander." And when I say "wander," I mean Rich could get up and play with Sam while Mom and Josh watched the game!

We only stayed through the end of the 4th inning, but that was enough to see all the runs scored in the game -- 2-1 to the Tigers (who ended up sweeping the series).

Aside from the TicketMaster price gouging fees, the ticket prices for Braves games are actually quite affordable. The cheapest "entry" is $1 and that's really just to get you to the ground and watch from one of the bars they have on site. To get a seat, they have tickets for as low as $6. We opted for the not-quite-so-low-priced $12 tickets! And even though we were just about as far from the field as you could get, we could still see really well! Apparently, there's not a bad seat at Turner Stadium!

Josh had a great time and was very upset that we had to leave early (there is NO WAY Sam would have lasted any longer). He and Daddy have great plans to go later in the season and stay for the whole game -- or the better part of one anyway!

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